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Liquid Heat

by Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo

Light-Heavyweight News -- "Liquid Heat"

Welcome to TBG's first fully-dedicated commentary to the Light-Heavyweight Division!


1) Kerry "Kid KO" Hendren
2) Frank's Beast VIII
3) Micho
4) Willy Freak Jenkins
5) Franktrix
6) Master Gee
7) Aldo Nova
8) Danielle Murphy II
9) Guille Fatboy
10) Do You Really Care

Overall, a pretty damned slow week this week as far as the jockeying went in the upper half of the Top 10 Fighters.

Kerry "Kid KO" Hendren is set to apply another week's worth of polish on the gold belt, having ruled unchallenged this past week. Think that's a slow start? None of the top four fighters fought this past week - and thus Beast, Micho, and Willy Freak all remain stationary in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place respectively.

Franktrix and Master Gee take the next two spots, both having won solid decisions this week to move up one spot. Aldo Nova took a loss today and lost two positions down to #7.

Danielle "The Kenton Killer" Murphy finds herself suddenly thrust once again into the Top 10 Fighters with a #8 ranking after a big KO win, followed by Guille Fatboy who also moved way up with a win. Last but not least, and still hanging on, Do You Really Care ends up with the 10th spot this week. DYRC fell two spots thanks to this week's loss, but perhaps he can turn it around once again next week.

Disappearances and/or fall-offs this week belong to "Iron" Ike Wellstone, who is doubtful to make another climb, and Blotto B. Beluga, who fell out of the last spot with a loss this week.

Catch you soon!

Issue #7 - April 13, 2006


Hendren Reportedly Purchases Hammock
Kid KO sets snooze back another week

Today it was reported from a reliable source near the home gym of Kerry "Kid KO" Hendren that a fancy new hammock has been set up in the back yard under the maple tree.

Hendren was spotted lounging there for the better part of the afternoon - on every single day this week. Despite his northerly latitude, it's becoming evident that the reflective powers of his gold World Title belt are doing wonders to get his spring tanning season started. Undoubtedly looking forward to a challenge in the upcoming weeks, it would appear that the Kid is also more than content to let that baby shine on while the contenders below beat each other up just for the chance to take a whipping from him.

What will the next several weeks bring? Unlike this past week, next week should bring some movement near the top and perhaps even a challenger. Be sure to tune in and find out how things pan out.

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Trix aren't for Kids!

This week's highest rated contender fight was between Aldo Nova, who is out of psmith17's gym, and Franktrix from Frank White's gym.

This one was destined to be an interesting affair from the start - Nova being a solid but balanced slugger and Franktrix being more the prototypical strong, fast Franky slugger. There were fireworks right from the start with Aldo scoring a resounding knock-down in the first round. Franktrix took the long-haul approach from the first bell, beating on Aldo's midsection and trying to pull a "beat down then beat out" victory.

Franktrix managed to make half of that equation happen - the beat down - but didn't manage to seal the deal with a KO win. By the midpoint of the fight, Franktrix had a solid endurance advantage and the lead, leaving Aldo with no options except to sit back and pray for an allout, or open up and get slaughtered. Nova took the former route, and in the end never got his allout - Franktrix simply sat back and took the victory on points.

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Following Suit

For whatever reason - perhaps the lack of a Regional Title stripping rule and the fact that regional competition this out VASTLY at the teen ratings where several of the belts have gone - we're not getting shquat in terms of Light-Heavyweight regional titles to highlight. And highlighting autopilot-on-autopilot victories (our only showdowns lately) is just stupid. So I'll save you. A few guys you probably never heard of pulled off not very interesting wins for regional titles in a Pro division or so and in the Amateur rankings.

    As things stand in the Regional Title Scene:
  • US East Regional Title: 7 Rated (down)
  • US West Regional Title: 5 Rated (up)
  • US MidWest Regional Title: 16 Rated (down)
  • US South Regional Title: 10 Rated (up)
  • European Regional Title: 6 and 6 Rated (up/down)
  • A&SA Regional Title: 4 Rated (up)
  • Canadian Regional Title: n/a (n/a)

Fighters active in Light-Heavy Division this week: 155
Change from last week: +5

Train Kept A Rollin'

Nice. It's pretty killer that we actually grew once again this week. Five fighters might not seem like much, but considering that we gained a "net" 5 including any retirements and movements, that's really good given the size we're at already. That means we're keeping a lot of fighters out and fighting as well as continuing t