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Up n' Coming

by Ramstad (D.E.)

Next issue delayed!
Due to real life matters I can't find time and motivation to write right now. But I will be back as soon as things has calmed down a bit. Stay tuned.

The purpose of this commentary is to bring forward and highlight some of the stars of the next generation fighters. This is of course my subjective view of the fighters and not the absolute truth. But I hope I can count in many golden belts when I evaluate this in the future. Most important is of course the roleplaying effect, bringing some life into the numbers we constantly surround us with

My first problem when thinking of this was how to determine what a upcommer is per definiton. I have been thinking of it a bit and here is my suggestion.

The definiton of an Up n' Coming star:

The fighter has not lost more then 10 fights.
The fighter has not yet fought for the World Title
A fighter with an amateur record need at least 5 pro fights to show worthy
The fighter has rating 10 or more. This can be forseen in some cases.

The official icon

2004-12-29 The CHRISTMAS SPECIAL edition is now releases!

2004-11-06 The OKTOBER edition, now in a store near you!
2004-10-05 The SEPTEMBER edition, now in a store near you!
2004-09-07 The AUGUST edition is waiting for you!
2004-07-28 The JULY edition is there just for you!
2004-07-02 The JUNE edition is out!
2004-04-06 The MARCH edition is out!
2004-02-07 The JANUARY edition is out!

I would be honoured if the nominated fighters wants to put up the official icon on their fighter descriptions as a proof of their quality. :0)

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I'm also interested in your opinion of this commentary and no matter if it is praise or critics I want to hear it.
Until next time....Take Care!