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by B.U.M.Incorporated

The Great Aussie Dream

First of all let me say this is my first attempt at this HTML stuff, so please be patient. I am only a beginner at this type of thing, and without the help from you guys it would be a long drawn out process. Now on to the good stuff, I have decided to create a tourney, which would suit everyone. With the right kind of fighter, and the abundance of talent out there, plus the skill, it should be a cakewalk with a minimal amount of effort. I didn`t want one of those long drawn out tourneys and I am sure you guys won`t want one either, so I have come up with something relatively simple to acheive. Just as a footnote I will be participating although NOT in a great way, this will be explained in the rules. Rules and prizes are as follows, so good luck to everyone and may the best manager win!!


  • Create a fighter in the Light-Heavyweight divison. (Pros only).

  • Your fighter must in his/her name have an Australian icon. This can be anything. For example Mike "Ayres Rock" Bull or I luv Kostya Tsyzu or Kangaroo alley or Bondi Beach Babes or even I dig ACDC,maybe Thunderbox Lane perhaps Wallaby Bob it doesn`t matter as long as there is a distinction of an Australian flavor.

  • Your fighter MUSTmove to worlds after a regional title win.

  • You can dump and recreate a new fighter anytime.

  • Your fighter must achieve the following: K.O`s/T.K.O`s in Rounds 1,3,5,7,9,12 and win by decision by the differentials of at least 1,3,6,9 points(On all Judges cards). Also after the winner has been decided competition will continue to get 2nd prize, Slappers tickle etc. You must complete the tasks to claim your prizes.

  • In the case of a differential win, the manager can choose his/her destiny. For example a fighter wins by 120-102,120-102,120-102 then the manager can choose 9,6,3 or even 1, but remember values must be on all judges cards. Also if there is a decision and the manager has not replied within 48 hrs by the TBG clock, there will be a default which chooses the lowest value for which to choose his/her destiny (ie the value for which they will be rewarded).

  • If there is a tie at the end of competition, then it will be decided by K.O`s. (Most K.O`s wins). If K.O`s are equal, then the total mass accumulation of rounds will decide it (Remember total number, least number of rounds wins). If by some chance there still is a tie, then it goes to the greatest amount of decisions and highest margins.

  • My fighter will fight as normal for the first 2 fights (ie to win) from then on, he will be on Autopilot,(Same FP forever after 2 fights). The reason for this madness is to give everyone a chance to scout, and then he should be easy pickings if you are good enough. Look at it as easy bucks.

  • I plan to kick this off on 4/9/2003 so PLEASE KEEP ALL FIGHTERS RETIRED TILL THE WEEK BEFORE and I strongly urge you to build either a Strong balanced, or an Agile slugger as this is the way I designed the comp. Good Luck!!


  • First Prize = $20

  • Second Prize = $10

  • Consolation Prize = $5 for the first manager to knock my fighter out for the Tenth time after he has been put on autopilot(ie min chance is after 12 fights) providing he/she is a participating combatant.

  • Consolation Prize = $3 for the first manager to knock my fighter out for the Fifth time after he has been put on autopilot(ie min chance is after 7 fights) providing he/she is a participating combatant.

  • Slappers tickle = $5 for the manager with the greatest accumulation of widest point margins.