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Rumble in the Jungle

by Rumblefish



This is my first crack at running a tournament so please bear with me as I'm sure there will be plenty of rookie mistakes along the way. The tournament will be run over a long period of time as the main objective is to be the first to reach rat/stat 15. I will update the leader board weekly with new point totals as well as choose the weekly winners of the Head Hunter and Ring King bonus points awards. I will start taking names immediately. Managers can create their fighters but I ask that you please leave them retired until the start date is announced. I will announce a start date as soon as there are enough entries to get started. There will be no deadline for entries, anyone can enter at anytime provided the fighter fits the criteria outlined in the rules. Managers can dump fighters and restart with new fighters if they wish. Please remember to retire your fighters until I announce the official start date of the tournament.


  • Create a slugger in the cruiserweight division.

  • The word "Rumble" or "Jungle" or both must appear in the fighter's name.

  • The first objective of the tournament is to be the first to reach rat/stat 15.

  • The second objective is to have at least 12 wins by KO.

  • The third objective is to accumulate as many points as possible. Although the highest point total will not win the tournament it can be the deciding factor.

  • In the event two or more fighters reach the first two objectives at the same time the winner will be decided by record and points.

  • Bonus points will be calculated and updated weekly as the tournament goes on. See points system below for a breakdown.


  • First to reach rat/stat 15 milestone = 150 points

  • First to reach rat/stat 10 milestone = 100 points

  • KO victory against RITJ contestant = 100 points

  • Decision victory against RITJ contestant = 75 points

  • Win by foul against RITJ contestant = 25 points

  • First to reach rat/stat 5 milestone = 75 points

  • Weekly points leader 2 or more consecutive weeks = 75 points

  • Highest point getter of the weekÃ??Ã? = 50 points

  • Weekly Head Hunter award = 100 points

  • Weekly Ring King award = 100 points

  • KO in the 1st or 12th round = 50 points

  • KO in any round = 25 points

  • TKO in any round = 25 points

  • Decisive Decision victory = 25 points

  • Any decision victory = 15 points

  • Win by foul = 5 points


  • FIRST PLACE = $20.00

  • SECOND PLACE = $10.00

  • THIRD PLACE = $5.00

This is a weekly award of 100 bonus points awarded to the fighter that best exemplifies savagery and cruelty in the ring. Judging is based solely on total damage inflicted. Special consideration will be given for 1st and 12th round KO's.

08/30/2003 - George King of the Jungle (Fong)

09/17/2003 - Thunderbox Rumble (B.U.M. Incorporated)

09/26/2003 - Rusty "Rumblefish" James (Rumblefish)

This is a weekly award of 100 bonus points awarded to the fighter who wins his fight by the widest point margin.

08/30/2003 - Rumble Fever (Vibo)