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Larry Merchant Interviews

by MasterMind

Hello all. This is Larry Merchant Jr. The Title says it all. I will be conducting Pre and Post Fight Interviews. Just like my father, I will be getting deep down and nasty with the interviews. Some will hate me and some will love me. Be on the look out for Internal Mail coming your way.

Interview with Manager Vibo!

Larry: Vibo, you are most recognized as being the top Canada manager. Do you still remember the first guy you took to the world championships Dec 19, 2002 First World Champion! BB2 won by unanimous decision (judges: 114-113, 114-112, 115-112) against Toby "Goley" Sanford. ?

Vibo:Of course I remember! BB2 and I worked very hard for that fight, we really wanted it, a first world title for the gym. "Goley" was a great opponent at that time and winning it against him, after losing in our first attempt, really meant a lot to us

Larry: Now let's get down to something everyone has been dying to ask. One of the most corruptible things in boxing has happened in your camp. I don't know who is paid off, but how in the hell do you have Judge Guimond as a figher but still he is a judge, and not only that, but he judges some of your guys fights and we have seen many instances where he favored your gym. Please answer this question!

Vibo: When Judge Guimond came to ask me if he could fight for me, the same thoughts came to my mind. It's like how a referee could do his job and fight at the same time? It makes non-sense. But we gave it a try and the commission showed no objection for him to step in the ring. And no, we didn't pay the commission for their agreement.

Larry: Not only that but when your fighter did fight for the title against Big Mac Slugger, Judge Guimonds younger brother was judging the fight! Not only that but Judge Guimond himself had judged many of Big Mac fights prior to their encounter in the ring and he still couldn't pull of a win. I mean he used your guy as a punching bag...

Vibo:As a punching bag? Make me laugh... Did you look at the fight? Big Mac was more tired than Guimond at the end and to tell you the truth, Big Mac doesn't hit that hard. He's getting old! A proof of that is that he didn't want to exchange, he prefered scoring on points. You confused Judge Guimond the fighter with Judge Guimond the judge, normal, it's the same guy! He was doing the two jobs! He doesn't have any brother. He's in great shape... And he'll be back, hopefully with a bit more weight.

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