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CIT inDepth

by la-may

After CIT really gets going I'll pick a few fights each round and review them. I won't be as nice & polite as I usually am ;)

Once I'm out of the competition I'll add my own fights, scouting & preparing & analysis.

The Greatest Event of the Year is underway...

Issue #1
Random thoughts about fighters created.

31 of the 64 fighters will suffer weight penalty for being underweight. Traditional sluggers are in a minority. Seems like participants didn't expect that since there every second fighter appears to be a slugger killers. I don't expect to see any of the sluggers in round 3. Speed Hogs have a party.

Graffin, Bowtwanger and Kindred have fighters weighting less than 200lbs. I know both Graffin and Kindred tend to like their fighters w/ some extra agility and they just don't mind about the weight penalty, the gains outweight the penalty.
My own opponent, bowtwanger, remains a mystery to me... the only logical explanation to his fighter creation was that he's got a speed hog with respectable amount of TGH too.

63 of the fighters are barrel chested. Raz, representing ASA, decided to be original and thought his fighter would have a better ring appearance when broudshouldered... I know many women who are ready to do great sacrifaces just to look a little better (and who am I to complain about that)... but to voluntarily give the opponent 3 point additional STR advantage in Commissioners Invitational Tournament is beyound my understanding.
If Mrs. the DKE makes it to round 2 I suggest Raz to be the ring card boy...