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New Pro Invitational

by The_Iguana

Next Fight Plan Deadline: Loser's Bracket ONLY: Friday, September 10, 2004.


Before I get to the latest round of results, I wish to apologize to those managers that have made the effort to be in this tourney, submit FPs and otherwise be active. My sudden disappearance from the sight was very inconsiterate regardless of the reason. I am back on here and will finish out the tourney ASAP.

The third round of fights have been run!!! Before you check out the brackets, be sure to read the fight reports below to keep the results a surprise. Here you go!

Round 3 Results:
Winner's Bracket:
Young Gun (FBG) vs. Beaver
bukowski vs. Reckless Rob

Loser's Bracket:
Postbags vs. IanTucker
Doozer vs. The Small Gym On The Corner
eli bear vs. Sho Stopper
Bodysnatcher vs. Crownsy

Round 2 Results:
Winner's Bracket:
Bodysnatcher vs. Beaver
Doozer vs. recklessrob
eli bbear vs. young gun (FBG)
Postbags vs. bukowski

Loser's Bracket (or 2nd chance bracket for the politically correct...):
Marlin vs. The Small Gym On The Corner

Round 1 Results:
IanTucker vs Young Gun (FBG)
marlin vs Bodysnatcher
The Small Gym On The Corner vs beaver
bukowski vs Sho Stopper
crownsy vs Doozer

Click here for scouting information.

Participant requirements:
You must be a pro manager that turned pro since January 2003. You must not have participated in the first NPI tournament. If you fit this description and are interested then please leave a note at the bottom, send me an imail or leave a message in the proper thread on the BBS!

Field Size:
We have 16 managers (barring someone disappearing during my momentary lapse of activity...).

This will be a double elimination tourney. See the bracket below for details of how fights will be schedule. Initial bracket placement will be by a random draw and will be posted shortly before the tournament actually starts once all mangers and fighter stats are confirmed.

Click here for the tournament brackets.

Fighter info:
75 AP heavyweight.
Use the tool found in the link below to create a heavyweight fighter using 75 APs. Be careful in choosing these stats, once submitted, that is what they will be for the entire tourney. You will not gain or lose APs as with a normal fighter. Once you have settled on your fighter stats, imail them to me.

Click here for scouting information.

Prizes: (for now, subject to change but only for the better!)
1st place - $10 and an icon for your gym page.
2nd place - $5 and an icon for your gym page.
3rd place - $2 and an icon fo your gym page.
Other prizes:
Most KO's - $2
Each win by a U.S. West manager - $1, paid by Stretch Armstrong!
Each win by a U.S. East manager - $1, paid by Buffalo Bombers!

Confirmed Managers in the tourney: (should be 16 eventually)
Young Gun (FBG), U.S. Midwest
recklessrob, U.S. West
Sho Stopper, U.S. Midwest
IanTucker, U.S. West
Postbags, Europe
marlin, AustralAsia and South America
Doozer, U.S. East
eli bbear, Europe
Bodysnatcher, U.S. South
beaver, Canada
The Small Gym On The Corner, U.S. East
crownsy, U.S. East
bukowski, U.S. South

Click here for the first NPI results