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West's Mid-Mayhem

by Brutal B. Bully

Middleweight Mayhem in the West

No, Mayhem hasn't returned to the West ... yet ... but a version of it will be coming soon. So, here's what happened. After being on the road for months on end I learn that I'll get a break at least through February. I quickly dismiss the idea of resurrecting my commentary during that time, telling myself it's about as likely to happen as Top Rank's fighters giving up their ballet slippers or the Duke winning a world title.

Then I log on today for one of my infrequent 30 second sprints to update a losing fight plan for the week, and discover that not only am I facing a Top Rank fighter who can punch back, but the Duke has been crowned. Well, I guess there's nothing left to do but dust this off and create a new, limited edition of pure Mayhem.

Here's the concept: In mid-January (assuming my life hasn't been hijacked again), there will be a 6 week Middleweight extravaganza in the West. Same rules apply as last time: Every West pro is eligible and the only rule is that you have to stay in the regional division without retiring for the entire time (6 weeks instead of 4, though). At the end of 6 weeks, I'll once again select a winner. Just like before, it won't necessarily be the "best" fighter -- or the fighter with the most victories -- that wins. Instead, I'll take into consideration style, charisma, press releases, twinkle toes, bribes, blood and, yes, unbridled brutality. In other words, you can get your butt kicked but, if you do it with style, you can still win.

This time, though, there won't be any namby-pamby $2 cash prize. No, we're talking 15 big ones in cold, hard, electronic cash. Plus -- and I'm sure this will be even more of a lure -- a coveted spot in the prestigious Hall of Fame. That's right . . . I'm pulling out all stops.

In a couple of weeks I'll get this going. Until then, get your sluggers (or sissy boys, as the case may be) ready to rumble.


$15 and a spot in the elite Hall? Heck, if The Coroner, Top Rank and DoD could do it, anyone in the West can get a piece of this action.


June 2003: Jopie Huisman (The Coroner)
May 2003: Mike Sciosia (Top Rank)
April 2003: Lucas "The Cougar" Kramer (Duke of Dorkdom)