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Calling All Managers!!!

Step up to the challenge and join B.U.M.'s Heavy Survivor tourney. It's like no other tourney in the game. The winner doesn't necessarily need skills to win! It's all about winning friends and influencing people. Step up and join. There are still a few spots left in each of the tribes. The short description is that you create a heavyweight fighter in the normal standings and fight him week in and week out. New challenges will be issued weekly and losing tribes will vote off members. Last man "standing" wins, Richard Hatch style. No FP's to submit, no giving away secrets... just create a heavyweight and take him to the ring!

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Contributing managers:

Young Gun (FBG)

Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo

The Iguana

World Cup Review

By young gun (FBG)
ASA vs. US south
The defending champs from down under showed that they still have what it takes to defend their crown. Although the south did put up a fight. Haymaker shows that his CQT/CIT performance wasn't a fluke when he fought Jagger to a draw in the first match, even though Jagger suffered a gash in the very first round. Then Mastermind did the unthinkable and somehow beat Fong, even though he was the slugger in a slugger vs. dancer matchup and came out using ring. His allouts closed both of Fong's eyes and did to Fong what he usually does to everyone else. The south enjoyed a brief lead, but DTG schooled vanhalen and tied it up at 3-3. Mastermind proceeded to publicly chew out vanhalen; saying he could have easily KO'd DTG in the middle rounds. I guess he's seeing something I'm not, because DTG was never even close to being tired. In the 2nd week, Mastermind didn't send in a plan so Jagger gets an easy win. Then Fong out dances vanhalen to give ASA the win, 7-3. In the entertainment bout, Haymaker continues to impress by KO'ing DTG after DTG shoots himself in the foot early with an allout, then both fighters throw everything they've got in the 10th and Haymaker comes out on top.
Europe vs. US west
The favored Europeans come out quickly with 2 wins right off the bat. Ramstad shows Busterklbuz how to dance to the tune of a commanding unanimous decision with little difficulty. Suxel then takes out an inactive Frank White, putting the Europeans up 4-0. But The Penguin fails to turn in a fight plan in a matchup he probably should have won with his 6'4" freak dancer. So they go into the 2nd week, 4-2 Europe. In the 4th match, Frank destroys Ramstad, who probably didn't think Frank would send in a fight plan, to tie it up. Suxel's dancer-killing-speedy-slugger then played it perfectly against SSJoker, getting him to raise his punch count and then nailing him with an allout, and finishing him off in the 12th. The Penguin then easily handles Busterklubz, who it turns out had the wacky AP's of the default fighter. Europe wins 8-4
Canada vs. ASA2
Canada's elite come out with 3 dancers against ASA2's two sluggers and a freak slapper. Smokin Joe just barely survives the last couple rounds against DAD's balanced slugger. It looked like SJ could have just backpedalled the last few rounds, but he was brave enough to try and take out DAD and almost got taken out himself. But hey, a win's a win. 2-0 Canada. Slick also has a dancer very capable of putting sluggers on the mat, and he does so against Savage's beast slugger with a KO in the 9th. 4-0 Canada. Then the freak 6 foot 1 giants, The Corporation and Panama Lewis, duel with Panama coming out of the slap fest with a majority decision, which keeps ASA 2 in it for the 2nd week. In the 4th match, Smokin Joe does like Slick did and cruises against Savage. Slick then goes high risk in a difficult matchup against Panama and pays for it, because Panama played it smart and didn't turn in a plan, and destroyed Slick's allouts. 6-4 Canada going into match 6. Corp showed his tall freak can still hang with the sluggers as he danced by DAD on the way to a UD. Canada wins 8-4.
US Midwest vs. US East
Nobody gave the east a chance here, but the east sure wasn't backing down. In the first match, WCOA's slugger was handily winning rounds and keeping even in the endurance battle against Buffalo Bombers balanced dancer. But WCOA was up by 3 going into the 10th, and he was still flailing. BB went allout and took him down for the KO. In the 2nd match, NKM's slugger tries the flail-and-slug against SLEEP's faster slugger. Obviously NKM made a mistake, but it looked like he still had it won going into the 12th. But he continued to flail, and SLEEP took him out with a strong chase and KO'd NKM to put the East up 4-0. All of a sudden the heavily favored Midwest is in big trouble. In the 3rd match, young gun's dancer/slapper takes on Brooklyn Mauler's slugger. Brooklyn was determined to out-flail the speedy dancer, but made the mistake of using feint in the last rounds, and young gun was able to get a lead and then run away. But the judges didn't see it like young gun's corner did, and running away in the 12th resulted in a draw. 5-1 East heading into the 2nd week. The 4th match pitted WCOA vs. SLEEP TIME in a slugger vs. slugger brawl. But WCOA didn't send in a plan, and was reduced to a bloody spot on the canvas by the 9th. East handily upsets the Midwest, 7-1. In the entertainment fights, NKM and Brooklyn have another slugger vs. slugger match, and Brooklyn takes an early point lead and doesn't surrender it, winning by UD. The last fight shows BB once again destroy his opponent, young gun, with timely allouts. young gun looked to take a commanding lead in the 10th by moving and jabbing, but BB put him on his ass, throwing everything he's got. Somehow young gun survived 2 devastating allouts, and the 12th opened with both fighters throwing everything they've got, and young gun was immediately put down for the count, taking sever damage. The total score: 11-1, East annihilates the Midwest.

Championship Fight Reviews

by The Iguana
Middleweight: Marsolos's Meadows's "Thump" vs. Hans Braun
Hans Braun came into the fight looking to get the up and coming gym of suxel their first world title. The fight was close throughout the fight despite "Thump" having some preperation issues. suxel poured his heart into the fight and Braun thought he was cruising to an easy victory as did the ring announcers. However, Thump was getting the benefit of the doubt for being the champ and the score was extremely tight right down to the wire. Hans held on for a very narrow decision victory on 2 of the 3 cards and claimed the elusive first world title for suxel. Many more are sure to come in the near future.
Light-Heavyweight: Chris Nilan vs. Drop'N'Bombs
In a rematch from 2 weeks ago and for the 3rd time ever, Drop'N'Bombs stepped into the ring to challenge Chris Nilan for the Wor