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by platyjoe

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  • Welcome Back!
    Well, hello my fine-feathered friends. The useless mind of a flashback addled, middle-management, computer junkie is back to take you on a weekly tour of the slackest, most pitiful roster of no-talent unmentionable fighters in all of TBG: the Featherweights. This division makes Toughman seem fun.

  • Title Fight
    Here's the wrap-up from GoodFeathers' analyst, Holly Golightly:
    kaze no tani no Naushika (Black Boots Boris) vs. Newbie Killer (Franky Baby)
    Well, yes, I know it's a week late, but it was a close, exciting fight, and I love it when two midgets step between the ropes with a belt on the line! Newbie made it interesting by jabbing at the taller, faster kaze, but ultimately failed to throw enough hard shots in the final rounds to put the fight away. kaze's fight was an efficient, workmanlike performance that bodes poorly for any other midgets who might take a crack at him.
    Note to self: stop being a crappy manager and just copy everything that BBB does.

  • Looking Ahead
    While the division has slowly climbed back from the TBG wasteland with some great championship fights lately, there's still a ways to go. Luckily, most of the 60-fight club has fallen by the wayside or been forced into the heavier divisions. There's some promising fights on the horizon, especially a meeting between kaze and the winner of next week's even-rating bantam championship featuring Newbie and la-may's George W. Stupid. Actually, now that kaze is here in his rightful division, everything's looking up.

  • The Almost Club
    Former bantam champ and featherweight bridesmaid, Gentleman Cooney from Top Rank's gym is looking for a push into another title fight. He'll be looking to cut down Eddy Crown's IP magnet, Hans Onweer. Depending on a move for one of the bantams following next week's title fight, a win could get Cooney a shot at his beloved little bantam title....

  • The Regionals
    Both the US East and the US Midwest can go to hell for putting up such pitfully weak featherweight divisions. The US South is barely a notch above as StrongArm's Chris the Turtle keeps poking along title after title after title. Hands down, the US West has been providing TBG with the best regional action week after week. Top Rank's current champ ...1,2,3... is older than the green pizza slice I found underneath my couch last week. He'll be dancing it up with Franky's Flash Fighter Fox this week and just might pull it out!

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    Anyway, enough for now......you're all crap.....