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Link to the Web Page: http://www.fightersandfights.freeservers.com/FightersFightsMain.htm

Link to the Web Page: http://www.fightersandfights.freeservers.com/FightersFightsMain.htm

I'm looking for data to add to my site. I want to add records, championship lineage (world and Midwest regional). If anyone has any of this info, I would greatly appreciate any help. I also want to add stats like: Current fighter with longest winning streak, Currrent fighters who have only fought World level of competition and never retired, Retired fighters that have only fought world level competition and only retired once. I also looking for data such as Fighters with most Wins by KO's, Fighters with most losses by KO, Fighters with longest winning streak, Fighters win longest winning streak by KO, Fighters with most world belts in different weight classes, and so on. Any record you can think of, please feel free to

email me at: LiquidDream2012@Aol.com

I greatly appreciate any help and plan on making the site look better. Right now I'm just trying to get all the data and get it on the site.

Randomly Covered Fights and Fighters

2001/06/28 01:20 AM

Knock Frankie "Knock me out and win a prize" Avalon out and win a prize! Contest starts 09/04/2001

First person to knock Frankie out recieves $5 prize (if your staus is less than or equal to 1 higher than Frankie's) If your status is 2 higher than frankie's, only $2 will be awarded. If your status is more than 2 higher than Frankie's, only $1 will be awarded. This is just to try and save him from someone unretiring an AP monster just to whip Frankie.
Frankie will fight strictly in World competition. Frankie is not limited to just one weight class. But more than likely he will hover between the Lightweight class and Straweight. Just depends on if he can make the weight for whatever class. I will try and anounce the weightclass he will be fighting in before the scheduler is ran.

This week of Sept/9/2001 Frankie will be fighting in the featherweight division.

Frankie "Knock me out and win a prize" Avalon's fights:

1st fight VS: Regina Janeanne -- record is 25-28-3 (7/5) His current rating is 1 and his status is 4.

Follow-up Commentary

One reason I chose Bill "The Bull" Mason was that he was undefeated, plus I didnt see any history of fight dodging with this fighter.

Congradulations to Bill "The Bull" Mason in his impressive win against Fire Ball Mcgee, (Mason by KO in Rnd. 3). With this win, Mason runs his impressive record to 10-0 (6/0).

Randomly Covered Fights and Fighters

2001/06/26 01:58 AM

Featured Fighter of the Week:
Bill "The Bull" Mason

At 9-0 (5/0) Bill Mason is definately a fighter to be wreckoned with, meaning he's gonna wreck your face if your not careful. Has posted two back to back impressive wins, one over the previously unbeaten Sando Mundo, 7-0 at the time, and over Hulego, once rated 10th. Neither fighter showed much resistance against this brutal brawler, who definately lives up to his nickname, "The Bull". Incredibly powerful. This Week he faces Fire Ball Mcgee, who won the Canadian Welterweight title last week. This should be Mason's toughest test to date.

  • Tale Of the Tape:
    Bill "The Bull" Mason 4'10 127lbs, Managed by West Central Ohio Assassins.
    Fire Ball Mcgee 5'9 130lbs, Managed by Baddog

  • Fight Notes:
    Mcgee will be making his first appearance in the Featherweight ranks. Mcgee's record is 13-3-2 (4/2), 3-0-0 (1/0) in regional championship fights. His current rating is 10 and his status is 10. Mason should be extremely motivated to keep his undefeated streak alive. Mcgee should have a great chance of stopping Mason's win streak, do to Mcgee's experience and boxing ability.

  • Fighter Assessment:
    Mcgee seems to have and aggressive boxer style. Mason seems to be more of a brawler/slugger. But if Mcgee tries to brawl with Mason, I think Mason will kill him. I would think Mcgee would be able to do enough to stay away and grab a decision.

  • Prediction: Mason by KO in round 8.