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Real Life Meets TBG

by Lightnin

Real Life Meets TBG!
By: Lightnin
Commentary previously written by: Slick Willy
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AustralAsia and South America - Fong


Personal Information

Name: Willson Santoso
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Marital Status: Married
Children: None
Hometown, Country: Melbourne, Australia. Born and raised in Indonesia.
High School Year Graduated: 1996
College Years or Year Graduated: 1999
Career: Computer Programmer
Hobbies: Soccer, Tennis, Strategy Games, Reading
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings
Favorite TV show: Everybody loves Raymond
Favorite Book: Riftwar Saga
Favorite Band: None
Pet Peeve: Deceitful people
Most proud of my country for: The compassion and friendliness of its people.
Least proud of my country for: Our Prime Minister.
The biggest misconception about my country is: All Australians are like Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee.
The thing that would most surprise my fellow managers about me is: None
One line that best describes my philosophy in life: What goes around comes around.


TBG Information

How did you come up with your gym name: It's my Chinese surname. (Did I mention I am Chinese by race?)
When did you start TBG: 1997
How did you discover the game: Looking for on-line gaming.
Greatest accomplishment in TBG: Training Big Mac and V1 & V4 to double digit world title wins each.
Greatest Fight: Slugger Clone V4 vs. Chris Nilan
Best Fighter: Slugger Clone V4
Biggest TBG disappointment: Big Mac vs Security fight being rolled back after I won the first one.
Toughest Opponent (manager): Many of them, the top 3 that comes to mind are Vibo, La-may and Slick Willy
Biggest TBG influence: None
The best advice given to me about TBG was: Umm... Can't remember any.
Real life friends playing TBG (manager's name(s)): I have met some of the OZ players (bad boy bubby, dave the great, balrog, panama lewis) and shared a few beers with them, that made us friends I guess. ;)
Why I play this game: The thrill of guessing what my opponent is planning to do (or guessing what he thinks I am going to do) and putting a fight plan to beat that.


Real Life Boxing

Favorite boxer: None
Favorite fight: None
How I got interested in the sport: None
Last Words: Go A & SA!

DTG Fong Kenny K.O. stevethaman