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Music Mania!

by Japeman

In a place near you soon:

The "Music Mania Worldtour 2005"

Music Mania is the ultimate contest to decide who is the best: Slow hand or Sting? Bruce Dickinson or Ozzy Osbourne? Britney or Shakira?

The Worldtour is open for any and all. Hey, there's just a few rules:
1. Your fighter must be named after an artist (not a band) and an image must be placed in his fighter description.
2. Middleweight only, but both regional and worldclass.
3. Competition lasts 10 weeks from start.
4. When fighting another participant, the winner gets $1
5. All prizes paid at the end of the tournament.

So how to go from here?
Create your fighter according to the rules above and retire him immediately. Tell me his name so that I can link to him.

I'll inform everyone via this page, I-mail and the tournament Forum when you have to unretire your fighter so we can get it on! Probably within 2 weeks maximum.

Also, roleplaying is heavily supported, but please take care of your hotel rooms. There's no need to trash them completely.

Questions or suggestions?
Mail me at japeman@dds.nl