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by Eddy Crown

TBG Gazette


Welcome, readers and fellow TBG players. In front of you is edition 25 of the TBG Gazette! We, the editors, who happen to be all members of the Playing Commission, hope you enjoy playing the Boxing Game and to add to your enjoyment we thought it would be a good idea to start a weekly commentary with reviews of the most important fights and other observations on the things going on in the Boxing game universe.
Paz McKay sent me another of those great Toughman Times editions and I took it upon myself to do a quick rundown of the major fights this week, so expect daily updates!
This week's daily updated jubilee edition will be the final edition of the Times in it's current form. I am going to take some time off and think of something else to write about. Thanks for reading and browse the soon to be fully accessible archive for all the past editions. last but not least thanks very much to all the people who contributed over the last year!

Monday, march 9 2009: Jack Kerouwhack defeated Kenry Hissinger by unanimous decision: 114-109, 113-110, 113-110.
Gentleman Gym's dancer won his third consecutive titlefight. This time the victim was challenger Kenry Hissinger (managed by Slambango) whom he defeated twice in previous bouts. It was a strange fight with two standing eight-counts within the first 5 rounds as both fighters alternated high action rounds with rest rounds. This referee din't like inactivity and punished first the challenger and then the champ with a point deduction, and then there was an allout attack inbetween by the champ in round! Halfway the two fighters were about even on the scorecards, but the rather odd sequence of high energy versus resting continued and three times between rounds seven and eleven standing 8-counts were isssued, two of them for the challenger who was trailig one point going into the last two rounds. He was not able to slap his way to victory in round 11 and 12 as the Champ is slightly faster and wasn't tired enough to start missing jabs. Thetile stays with Gentleman Gym!

No world titlefight this week; Current World Champion Emiel Ratelband has no immediate challengers in sight. Several regional titles exchanged hands, though; the highest rated being Kill em Da Foe (Gentleman Gym again) who defeated James "The Punisher" Jackson (Slambango) by unanimous decision: 116-112, 116-112, 116-112 to to reatin the U.S. East title.

Postbode Piet defeated Andrzej Stoiljkovic by unanimous decision: 115-113, 115-113, 115-113.
My very own Postbode Piet doesn't get much time to rest on his laurels - being the Bantamweight Champion means facing a new challenger almost every week and a tough opponent presented himself on tuesday night when Andrzej Stoiljkovic, managed by Top Rank, entered the ring. Stoiljkovic just moved up from the flyweights where he fought my Emiel Ratelband twice so I had a rather good scouting raport of him; a good dancer he is a veteran campaigner who seldom gets knocked down but his age is showing a bit in his slightly diminishing handspeed. Piet - higher rated as he is- was confident he could gain an endurance advantage by alternating high-speed rounds with going for the body on the inside and so he did, but after 8 rounds the score was even and neither fighter showed much fatigue so this tactic obviously failed. It all had to come down to the last rounds and Postbode Piet rested in the ninth to start the last three rounds a bit freshened. He threw the maximum amount of punches to out-slap Stoiljkovic in rounds 10-12 gambling a surprise allout attack wouldn't come and it didn't so the higher handspeed of the champ at the end of the day was decisive in securing a narrow win on points. Postbode Piet retains the Bantamweight belt.

No world titlefight in the Feathers but psmith17's feared slugger Jeff Cunningham steamrolled my poor Raffie de Raaf in a 11 round ko to position himself as the next challenger of champion `Sperminet v15.03 (Dod). This promises to be an epic slugfest as both fighters combine a tally of 35 ko wins !

Toughman Times


By Paz McKay

Carlsbad, CA (BSI) – I was sitting on the beach sipping a cold one and reading my local news when my cell phone beeped and gave me the TBG update. I love new technology!

Anyway, all of a sudden and out of no where the Legendary DOD has decided that he was just simply tired of getting his butt whipped. What a Saturday, Duke, very nice. It looks like there might be a Legend sighting in the division after all. Four (4) Doodle Bug’s took to the squared stage and plied their trade against a variety of top notch Toughman talent. They faced off against Slambango, Catatonic and DTG fighters that were prepped and ready…

All of the Bug’s won. All of them.

Included in that string of victories is a Regional Title and the set-back of DTG’s top rated Challenge contestant, Why Not.

This week we’ll also bring you the words of Elite U.S. Mid-West manager Gentlemen Gym. This is a very solid manager to anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to face him yet…. To those of us that have… he’s just another pain in the butt! I will say his candor on our Toughman baseline question was as honest as could be…I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

The Challenge is still very tight after DOD slowed down DTG…. Overall it was a good week in the land of the sun and at TBG.

The U.S. East Regional Toughman Title Fight

Doodle Bug 5 (DoD) VS Ceasar (Slambango)

6’9”/ 268 lbs 6’2”/ 288lbs

These two fighters are at it again. This was the 4th contest and the ball has bounced AGAIN… Ceasar grabbed The Bug and attempted to pound him into submission AGAIN….. But this time Doodle Bug stay away and held on for a slim majority decision.

2-1-1 Advantage Doodle Bug 5….. please say you guys have had enough? If you try to get any more familiar with each other we’ll make you get a room!

Winner: Doodle Bug 5 by Majority Decision!!