Active Manager Rankings by Level

1ZWIP52U.S. South
2Dodgeball49U.S. South
3Duke of Dorkdom48U.S. South
4J.Aaron Hall36U.S. South
5The Battlin Bectel34U.S. Midwest
6Alcatraz Gym32Facebook
7Salvageyard18U.S. South
8Worknman18U.S. South
9Bale Force16Europe
10Sydney Sharks16U.S. South
11Official Bot Gym13World
12DTG12U.S. South
14Blue Rock11U.S. East
1553rd Street Gym10U.S. Midwest
16Fist to Face Gym5U.S. Midwest
172good4udn2U.S. East
18Chief Chopper2U.S. East
19Wolfe182U.S. East
20Zierre0AustralAsia and South America
21karate0U.S. East
22druidah0U.S. East
23The Don Gabanna0AustralAsia and South America
24The Monster from Within0U.S. East
25KanLaw0U.S. South
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