Ducking bot fights?

Posted 2017/05/01 1:50 AM by la-may

Am I missing something? How can I prevent my guys from fighting the bots?

Posted 2017/05/01 2:04 AM by la-may

Another bot related Q:

I brought a few freaks out of retirement and they got scheduled against bots with no fight histories. They have exactly the same height and weight as my fighters. Is it safe to suppose that they are exact replicas of my fighters?

- BOT-182257
- BOT-182258

Posted 2017/05/01 2:46 PM by ZWIP

We shut down the "Alcatraz" gym that
DB and myself made a few years ago
that had fighters from suspended
players gyms and ran it completely
on auto with non-changing FP's and had
around 100 guys on auto so managers
always had guys to fight. Aaron wanted
to try and run the bot gym kinda like
that so if your fighter is on auto he is
likely to get a bot if no real manager is

All bots that are created are clones of
real fighters. So Yes your opponent has a
99.9 percent chance that he is a clone of your
guy.(The odds him being your guy is usually pretty
low but this one is for sure) The plan he will use
and always use is the last one that was loaded.
They do not go away like older bots did. If he
loses he is 0-1 and will lose AP's and rating
just like real fighters do and gain if he wins.
But fight history will be there as well.

The real problem and the real challenge now
when you get to the upper ratings with your guys
and Champs that some of the bots being created
are old topped fighters. I haven't used a topped
fighter in probably 3 years so an untopped 20+ rated
guy who has lost his share of AP's on the way up
get's scheduled against a 20+ rated bot that was
cloned from a fighter that might have topped at 15/16
or even higher with no fight history yet...well
that it where the challenge is for sure. That is why
you see bot's as WC's now. I won't bring out a topped
guy just to beat him either...eventually by seeing
his fight history you can bring up a guy that is
favorable match-up for him. You can also force bots
at any rating for a cost so if you have a 19 rated guy
and want to bot him a bit you can. If you are lucky
you can find a bot that has a fight or 2 for history.

I have been matched with clones of my guys several
times(Not the same guy though like you..lol) and have
recognized some other ones so sometimes you can find
that guy and check his last fight for some type of

For the most part though once I get champs to over 20
getting matched with a topped bot might happen so
sometimes I just relinquish and let the 2 top auto
guys fight for the title and jump in later.

The Game is faster paced now because your champ will
always have a fight the next week..real manager or
bot. A bot will not fight another bot for a WT or RT.
It will hang on till a real manager get scheduled with

Posted 2017/05/03 3:43 PM by Admin

Welcome back LM.

You can't duck bots. We're trying to keep everyone fighting every week regardless of whether or not there's an live opp.

Given that there are over 100,000 fighters the odds of getting a clone of your own fighter are slim and unless your fighter is a total freak and you can say for sure then no, it is unlikely. You may just be unlucky :)

Topped fighters are not cloned to make bots.

BOT shouldn't be seeing rating or AP changes. They should be constant. If that is happening it is in error. ZWIP, are you sure about that?

Posted 2017/05/03 8:35 PM by ZWIP

Aaron,,look at the bots I fought today.
They all have lost a rating point. If
you look at the Official Bot gym and look
under "all" fighters there are a lot of
bots that have lost rating points and I know
some have gained after they beat my guys.

After they fight they hang around just
like a regular fighter does instead
of being dumped (I thought that is the way
you set the new system up?) Kinda like it,

I have Several examples of bots being cloned
from topped fighters. It only seems to happen
when there is no other opponent human or bot
under competition. Usually higher rated.

I know at least 5 of my topped guys have
been cloned because they are same height
and weight and they ended up using the last
plan that was loaded in my guys Fight plan.

I know at least 3 were cloned from the
big dawg training gym and All the fighters
there are topped. DB and I have both checked
this out.

I can give you more examples in the PC forums
if you would like:)

Posted 2017/05/04 4:15 AM by Admin


There goes my weekend....

Posted 2017/05/04 5:47 PM by Admin

OK so bots can no longer be generated from topped fighters. If there are other bot issues please start new threads in support and I'll deal with them. This thread has too many separate topics in it.


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