Current Pound for Pound Fighter Rankings
ScoreFighterManaged byDivision
7025 The Danvers Devil ZWIP Featherweight
5995 LH slugger 2016 ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
5395 Dodge Made Me Do It ZWIP Super-Heavyweight
5355 Warning ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
5310 Bloomington Bomber ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
5305 LH Dancer 2016 ZWIP Middleweight
5210 Jaws III Stykey Middleweight
5150 Test Slugger 30 ZWIP Lightweight
4975 Duke of Dorkdom's Little Lost Dancer ZWIP Heavyweight
4895 Movie Maker and Videos ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
4825 Michael Sphincter Stykey Super-Featherweight
4770 43 ZWIP Heavyweight
4735 BW Slugger 2016 ZWIP Bantamweight
4700 Joey Bag O' Doughnuts Stykey Featherweight
4690 Tirade ZWIP Middleweight
4635 Can he do it? ZWIP Strawweight
4620 Baby Face McGee ZWIP Bantamweight
4600 Get off the Dance floor DoD. ZWIP Super-Flyweight
4575 Full Speed Ahead ZWIP Welterweight
4520 One More Time Again ZWIP Heavyweight
4515 Sharks Shiver 013 Sydney Sharks Lightweight
4500 CETUS ZWIP Middleweight
4495 Whammer Jammer Stykey Middleweight
4485 Claw my way up ZWIP Cruiserweight
4485 Slash! Stykey Light-Flyweight
4480 Blind as a Bat ZWIP Heavyweight
4440 BigBoy is TOO Big ZWIP Heavyweight
4440 Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano Stykey Lightweight
4430 Name Already Taken ZWIP Heavyweight
4425 Sara Sota ZWIP Cruiserweight
4395 Feeling Stronger Everyday ZWIP Heavyweight
4365 Peppa Pig ZWIP Heavyweight
4330 Rock Bottom Stykey Light-Flyweight
4310 Cue Ball ZWIP Middleweight
4310 The Stubster ZWIP Heavyweight
4275 FW Slugger 2016 ZWIP Super-Featherweight
4270 Quick Links ZWIP Middleweight
4260 Swinging for the fences ZWIP Cruiserweight
4255 Peoria Madman ZWIP Heavyweight
4255 Clovers Bitch ZWIP Super-Welterweight
4250 Nebraska ZWIP Cruiserweight
4215 Raskin ZWIP Lightweight
4215 Edward "Punchy" McLaughlin Stykey Middleweight
4205 Only the Beginning ZWIP Heavyweight
4205 Giant Behemoth Demon The Monster from Within Super-Heavyweight
4200 The Can Crusher ZWIP Super-Heavyweight
4200 HW 2016 ZWIP Heavyweight
4200 127 AP's ZWIP Heavyweight
4190 SH2016 ZWIP Super-Heavyweight
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