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All-Time Pound for Pound Fighter Rankings
ScoreFighterManaged byDivision
6660 Akebono Chiyonofuji Dodgeball Super-Heavyweight
6505 Fu Manchu ZWIP Lightweight
6455 The Danvers Devil ZWIP Super-Featherweight
6430 Earl "Daredevil" Edwards Big Dawg Training gym Super-Middleweight
6330 Gutboy Barrelhouse Admin Heavyweight
6060 Big Mac Slugger Fong Heavyweight
5995 LH slugger 2016 ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
5870 Slugger Clone V4 Fong Middleweight
5690 Randall Rexes suxel Bantamweight
5555 The Walking Dead III Bale Force Super-Middleweight
5445 Dodge Made Me Do It ZWIP Super-Heavyweight
5355 Warning ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
5335 Konstantin Tszyu jonnydog Middleweight
5310 Bloomington Bomber ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
5305 LH Dancer 2016 ZWIP Middleweight
5235 Zanzi Hornet 1 + 1 Cruiserweight
5235 Matsya 1 + 1 Bantamweight
5220 Ingemar Johansson suxel Light-Heavyweight
5210 Jaws III Stykey Super-Middleweight
5195 SAIC Big Dawg Training gym Super-Bantamweight
5195 Little Man Sam Bale Force Heavyweight
5175 Bob "Red Nose" Boucher Vibo Heavyweight
5165 Chris Nilan Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo Light-Heavyweight
5150 Test Slugger 30 ZWIP Lightweight
5100 Cate's Monster Paz McCay Toughman
5100 King Cogne Big Dawg Training gym Heavyweight
5060 Joe Byrd`s Paranormal Creature...FROM HELL! Joe Byrd Heavyweight
5020 Saku "Captain Courage" Koivu Alamo Athletic Club Strawweight
5020 Pope John Paul II Big Dawg Training gym Heavyweight
5010 Beauty is Truth Big Dawg Training gym Super-Welterweight
4980 Zdeno "Hell With the Puck Man" Chara Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo Toughman
4975 Duke of Dorkdom's Little Lost Dancer ZWIP Heavyweight
4965 Mount Everestsson J.Aaron Hall Welterweight
4905 Ultra Outlaw Lawrence the Puck-Law Man! Welterweight
4905 Hein ten Hoff suxel Cruiserweight
4905 Acid Rain Admin Heavyweight
4895 Movie Maker and Videos ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
4855 Mohandas Gandhi la-may Strawweight
4855 Security Meadows Inc. 2018 Heavyweight
4845 Death on two legs suxel Cruiserweight
4840 Big Mac Junior Fong Heavyweight
4825 Michael Sphincter Stykey Super-Featherweight
4790 Juicy Loo Joe Byrd Featherweight
4770 43 ZWIP Heavyweight
4735 Marsolo's's Meadows's "Thump" Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo Middleweight
4735 BW Slugger 2016 ZWIP Bantamweight
4720 Tom "Tank" Torres Vibo Welterweight
4715 John Galt 1 + 1 Cruiserweight
4700 Joey Bag O' Doughnuts Stykey Featherweight
4690 Tirade ZWIP Middleweight
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