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(NOTE: New Commentary Creation is unavailable at this time)
What Does it Do.
Commentaries are basically newspapers written by players about The Boxing Game, they review fights, do interviews run independant contests and so on.
When to Use It.
Read the commentaries when ever you like, if you fancy doing a commentary then click the link at the bottom of the page and start one. Players may wish to subsribe to your commentary. If they do, you will see them listed when you review your own commentary.
How to Use It.
When you go to the commentaries page you will see a list of all the active commentaries, next to each one is information as follows.
  • Nbr : This will tell you how long a commentary has been running, the smaller the number the more established the commentary
  • Title : This is the name of the commentary and "might" give a clue as to what it is about...but don't count on it.
  • Authour : This is the name of the Manager the commentary is written by.
  • Subs : This is the number of people who subscribe to this commentary to get it via email, generally the more Subs the more popular the commentary is.
  • Hits : This tells you how many times a commentary has been read, another way of telling how popular the commentary is.
  • Updated : The most important information, when was the commentary last updated.
By clicking any of these headers you can make them arrange their listed order based on that title.

Once you click on the title of a commentary you will be taken to that commentray and can read what has been written. Writing a commentary grants no bonuses on a manager so we encourage you to leave feedback to let the writers know you appreciate their hard work, click the write a letter to the editor. at the bottom of the commentary, below this you will see other players' feedback if any. You can also select to subscribe to a commentary if you wish to get the updates via email, click Subscribe at the top of the commentary.
Other Notes.
If you decide to write a commentary please note that if you create one and add no content it will be deleted, if you create one and do not update it with new content at least once a month it will be deleted, with the exception of commentaries that are "archival" in nature. Any kind of HTML is allowed in a commentary, though the most current IE compatible version is preferred, to be sure that all players can read your masterpiece.
Any links to external websites must be OK'd by the Player Commission.


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