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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Europe region, jonp is currently Inactive joined the game 2/24/2005 7:09:59 PM and was last online 2/4/2019 1:04:03 PM

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The gym that creates champs. Former great JonP has opened this gym to pass his years of knowledge on to new fighters.

Jon says "Any man can enter only True Fighters stay"

First World Champ DOMINIC "WARRIOR X" TANNER (bantam)

First Double World Champ DOMINIC "WARRIOR X" TANNER (Bantam,Fly)

First Triple World Champ DOMINIC "WARRIOR X" TANNER (Bantam,fly,Feather)

First Homegrown World Champ BENJAMIN "THE FOX" DELLO (Bantam)

First Regional champ KO OGRADY (cruiserweight)

First two weight champ CURVEBALL (Heavy,Cruiser)

First 10 rated fighter JON PEGG (middleweight)

First 15 rated fighter JOE "PLAYBOY" DELLO (middleweight)

First 20 rated fighter DAMON "DROPPIN BOMBS" OGRADY

First Double Homegrown World Champ BENNY "THE FOX" DELLO (Fly/Bantam)

First Treble Homegrown World Champ PATRICK "GRINDER" OGRADY (Feather,Light,Welter)

Homegrown World champs

Benny " The Fox" Dello

Albi "Headcase" Ogrady

Craig "Doggsy" Byrne


Jake " The Matchstick " Ogrady


Damon " Droppin bombs" Ogrady

Patrick "Grinder" Ogrady

Vitali "Hunter" Alexandrov

Elmer "Hardcase" Snipes

Curtis " Baddog " Snipes


George "TNT" Ogrady

Romeo "Heartbreaker" Benitez

Mussie "Bellboy" Dello

Anatoly " Train " Alexandrov

Chris "Shaka" Snipes

Rudy "Panther" Benitez

Kendall " East Coast Monster " Snipes

World Champions

Dominic " Warrior X " Tanner

Koshonne Enosti

Willy "Freak" Jenkins


Hella Twigs

Mack Truck


Wyatt "Joe Hoover" Waters

Regional Champs

KO Ogrady

Jon Pegg


Ike "silly" Sallee

Joe "The Animal" Pegg

Tate "Tekken" Snipes

Tackie " GI " Snipes

Matty " The Hammer" Ogrady

Elton " Speedy " Snipes

Reuvan "Reckless" Dello

Dezzie "Combo" Ogrady

Liam "Cyclone " Ogrady

Angelo Perez

Saul "Thunderbolt" Dello

Jacob "Diamond" Dello


Casey Cullen

Jonathan Bull

Dominic "Warrior X" Tanner

Connor "Spike"Ogrady

Benjamin "The Fox" Dello

Jem "Jacko" Jackson

Harry " Legbreaker " Ogrady

Mr Myers

Wyatt "Joe Hoover" Waters

Jack "Jnr" Benitez



Lenny "Lionheart" Dello


Nate Hamiliton

Sean "The Flea" Burke

As you can see this isnt a sport that you play for fun