Search Glitch?

Posted 2019/01/07 8:13 PM by -Zippy-

I was looking for some old fighters and they just do not appear even if I only input part of the name. I found some by using just one part of the name;however,some just don't appear as if they never existed and I know they did.
Am I delusional lol or did some old fighters get deleted due to years of inactivity.

Posted 2019/01/07 8:38 PM by -Zippy-

Perhaps it's because of changes to pro fighters and amateur fighters.

Posted 2019/01/08 7:57 PM by ZWIP

The amateur/pro thing could be the reason.
I have fighters from 1996. I did a search
on them and they come up.

Posted 2019/01/17 2:37 PM by Admin

I'll look into it.


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