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Posted 2018/12/02 12:09 PM by Zippy Gym

Hats off to Aaron for making TBG last this long,It took me forever to figure out if the game was still around i kept typing boxinggame.com the boxing game .com and all this big dawg stuff threw me off.

Formerly known by zippy the kung fu master i believe or just zippy.

I might check in more and mess around with a fighter its pretty confusing right now.

Its been so long you are all probably thinking who the hell is this dude but thats ok I wish Aaron and everyone the best,happy holidays .

Posted 2018/12/02 5:15 PM by ZWIP

Hey Man. I remember you when you were zippy.
There is still more than a handful of guys
that played back then besides myself that are
still here punching away along with newer
guys. I hope you stick around because the
CIT is coming up and I will send you an invite.

Any questions do hesitate to ask. Guys are
pretty friendly around here.
Good Luck.


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