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Calling out all gyms...

Posted 2018/01/17 12:11 AM by On the Canvas

Its time to put the "D" in dominate folks....stay sharp... see ya out on the canvas...

Posted 2018/01/18 7:36 PM by J.Aaron Hall

Don't worry. I'll help put the "D" in your fighter..."D" as in dumped :P See you in the ring!

Posted 2018/01/18 8:22 PM by The Monster from Within

I'll help you with the "D", D as in my fighters will Donkeypunch you from behind ;)

Posted 2018/01/18 10:23 PM by On the Canvas

Yikes lol....

Posted 2018/01/18 11:06 PM by The Monster from Within

yeah that was overboard...lol

Posted 2018/02/04 3:22 PM by Admin

I just spit my coffee out hahahaha


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