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Posted 2016/06/22 7:01 PM by Admin

We just stood up our first Minecraft Server at


Posted 2016/06/23 10:14 AM by Salvageyard

That's great, I luv me some mindcrack! I thought I would share a server that I designed that pits the players against nightly hordes of invading monsters... unlike anything else, they have to work together to survive as they only have three lives before they are banned. Monster items are exchanged for material to build with, but the monsters really fight back as they can dig threw almost anything except stone. It was really a fun novel server, small and compact. The run file will have to most likely be edited to point to your existing java files... but it requires no OPs... I found that OPs = griefing. So I found ways of designing servers that don't require OPs. I have another one that is strictly PvP I can load up for you if you like this one. This version is 1.4.7



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