Posted 2015/01/12 7:45 AM by Bale Force

Hi. Has something happened to this web address? I use this to log on to the game at work as www.boxinggame.com is banned. Just as I am getting back into the game!!!

Posted 2015/01/12 8:54 AM by ZWIP

Hey Bale. I think Aaron has let that go to the wayside but I
will check with him for sure. I know you can log on through
our FB sight as well if that is allowed at your work.

Posted 2015/01/12 10:15 AM by Bale Force

Hi zwip. Appreciate if u could check. FB is also banned at work. Looks like my comeback may have to be cut short :-(

Posted 2015/01/12 5:03 PM by Boom!

try bigdawgboxing.com?

Posted 2015/01/13 3:15 AM by Bale Force

bigdawgmma seems to be back up again today - lets hope its stays!!!

Posted 2015/01/13 8:38 AM by Admin

Another little known sneaky back door is http://bdbtest.azurewebsites.net/

Posted 2015/01/13 9:30 AM by Bale Force

Thanks Aaron, is www.bigdawgmma.com staying? Try the other link however work firewall picks it up as a hosting site and therefore blocked!!

Posted 2015/01/13 11:43 AM by Admin

Bigdawgmma will eventually become an MMA sim but it will redirect here for a few more months at least.

Posted 2016/01/12 3:41 AM by Bale Force

Admin. I notice this site is currently down. Is this permenant or temporary as I use this to log into the game as my works firewall blocks the normal site!!!

Posted 2016/01/12 8:51 AM by ZWIP

I will pass it on to Aaron:)

Posted 2017/06/28 1:52 PM by Dodgeball

Has the "few more months" mentioned above passed? Like Bale this is only site that works from my office.


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