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World Cup

Posted 2014/06/20 12:00 PM by Dodgeball

Since Italy and Costa Rica are about to kick off and I don't see option to make a pick in the World Cup Pick'em. I'm going with Italy.

Posted 2014/06/20 5:04 PM by Big Boy Inc

I'll go with Costa Rica :)

Posted 2014/06/21 12:01 PM by Dodgeball

Argentina over Iran

Posted 2014/06/21 2:55 PM by Dodgeball

Germany over Ghana, should be good unless Germany overwhelms them

brilliant goal by Argentina in bonus time

Posted 2014/06/21 5:35 PM by Dodgeball

another surprise result with Germany and Ghana. Hopefully US can get a good result tomorrow.

going with Bosnia in next game.


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