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Boxer Supreem

Boxer Supreem stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and reportedly weighs 200lbs. He is currently registered in the Cruiserweight division. He fights for U.S. Midwest and is managed by 1 + 1

has has a rating of 11, a status of 13 and record of 23-12-2 (0/9) and is currently M .  His record in world title fights is 0-0-0 (0/0)

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Sickthings: Is this the illustrious Frank White? WATERDUB: yeah, who's this? Sickthings: TLD! WATERDUB: lions den? Sickthings: Yep WATERDUB: whats up, buddy Sickthings: How'd you like to be the subject of a profile for BDub's commentary? WATERDUB: sure, why not. Just dont trash me too bad :) Sickthings: I'll trash you a bit, but probably less than you expect. WATERDUB: So whats the platform? Sickthings: The trick is, I need this done by tomorrow. Are you online much tonight or do you have time tonight or tomorrow morning? WATERDUB: i'll be on for about 45 mins & probably in the morning Sickthings: Okay. I'll email you some questions tonight. I'll probably ask a bunch, and then answer what you want. I'll need to do some editing, but will try to quote you pretty much verbatim in the profile. WATERDUB: okay, cool Sickthings: If I catch you tomorrow, maybe I can IM to help expand or clarify on some questions. WATERDUB: alright Sickthings: I can ask you a few now, if you've got the time. WATERDUB: yeah Sickthings: Okay, I'll start: How did you find out about EKO? WATERDUB: From Top Ranks page , Yahoo i think. Sickthings: How did all this Mafia business start? WATERDUB: When i first started playing, I noticed it was a small group of managers dominating the game, So i tried to form an alliance of managers to overtake them. Sickthings: Did you have any success with your alliance? WATERDUB: I noticed it was a bit tougher than i originally thought, although a couple of the original members are excellent managers now! Sickthings: Who are they? WATERDUB: Woods for one. He has improved quite a bit. Sickthings: Any others? WATERDUB: Sephiroth has also improved alot. Top rank is good, I havent seen him in a while though. Sickthings: When did you start playing EKO? WATERDUB: Since my Gym hasnt expiered yet, it hasnt been a year yet, But pretty close. Sickthings: Are you at 40 active fighters now? (not an interview question) WATERDUB: yep Sickthings: Who do you as rivals within the AOL region? WATERDUB: BTW~ Seph has created a Mafia web site Sickthings: Do you know the address? WATERDUB: I can get it, I would have to e-mail seph, i forgot it. Now i'll answer the question. WATERDUB: I have many rivals in AOL for different reasons: Dangerous dan) Because he has the record vs opponents posted on his managers page. Buster Chops) Just because i dont get along with him & He used to beat me all the time. & Lions Den) because u seem to call me out all the time. Sickthings: Why don't you get along with Buster Chops? WATERDUB: For 2 reasons: When my 1st EKO fight was scheduled some guy e-mailed me, telling me he was gonna destroy me. I thiought that was what EKO managers did, So my second fight was against Buster & I sent him an E-mail and he's had it out for me since! Sickthings: How did you plan on overtaking the elite managers with the Mafia? WATERDUB: Well Me and Woods started the Mafia & People started Flocking. Sephiroth made a Mafia website with a chat room. We had planned to colaborate ideas. From fight plans to scouting to trading fighters. There was even the Joe Byrd Contreversy! Sickthings: What was the deal with Joe Byrd? WATERDUB: My very 1st fighter "Killer" Middle Finger had won his 1st 4 or 5 fights, When i got to a 5 rating it had gotten a little tougher, So i asked Joe Byrd to take him over for a couple weeks, I was having a press war with a manager named 'Delt' & coincidentely as soon as Joe Byrd took my fighter he was scheduled to fight DELTs undefeated fighter, & DELT screamed bloody murder! Sickthings: You wanted Joe Byrd to "take over" your fighter? Sounds a little like what Duke did to get himself removed from the game. WATERDUB: Who is duke? & That was my 1st Month playing the game, Almost a year ago. We were gonna trade fighters, but joe didnt wanna give up one of his Jewels. Is that not Legal? Sickthings: Trading players is. Giving Joe Byrd access to your gym is not. Giving Joe Byrd your fighter's stats and letting him make fightplans for you is certainly questionable. WATERDUB: No, I released him from my gym & Joe Byrd picked him up. Dont print this out of context. Sickthings: I won''t. I'm not out to get you. Sickthings: Why did you pick up so many crappy fighters from the "nobody" gym? WATERDUB: Okay WATERDUB: I knew that was coming. I actually resurected Quite a few fighters that would have actually been deleted. Sickthings: Why? WATERDUB: Some fighters i picked up because i liked there stats. Some i picked up because i knew they belonged to a rival manager & i could see what type of stats they had & manipulate their style. Like Mr. Bad Boy, I picked up one of his fighters & it still had a fight plan. He's never beaten me since! WATERDUB: Also i never could roll a 7' heavy, Thus i was looking for one. Sickthings: You've got a tremendous amount of retired fighters in your gym now. Are you going to dump them? WATERDUB: I've just dumped 10 today. I'm slowly unretiring my good fighters. Eventually i will dump the deadweight. Sickthings: How did you become so unpopular in this game? You've seemed to draw the wrath of quite a few folks in this game, top on down. WATERDUB: I actually dont spend alot of time in EKO, & certainly not in chat. I think the whole Mafia thing started it. Whenever i went into chat when i 1st started in EKO, Everything i said, Roadkill would always be there saying "Im gonna report u to the PC's. Since then the EKOC never misses an opportunity to bad mouth me. It just escalated, I dont mind it though! Sickthings: I've got to go. I'll email you some more questions tonight. Thanks for going along with this. WATERDUB: cool, no prob < http://.com/ur.php> < http://.com/ur.php> <>


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