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Keltset Ragnarius

Keltset Ragnarius stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and reportedly weighs 200lbs. He is currently registered in the Cruiserweight division. He fights for Europe and is managed by jonnydog

has has a rating of 16, a status of 21 and record of 42-26-0 (35/15) and is currently R .  His record in world title fights is 0-1-0 (0/1)

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a reference guide
  1. PUGL: Your punchcount should be very low when dealing with someone a foot shorter than yourself.
  2. Jim the Idiot Bartender: Whenever possible, allow your opponent to make all the mistakes for you. Unacceptable risks are only to be taken when conventional means will get you slaughtered.
  3. Mr. Scarface: Always scout your opponent. Sometimes early kills are possible.
  4. Garlic: Run your opponent through the meat grinder if you are winning the pounding contest and the judges scoring.
  5. Garlic: No sense wasting time. You collect the same pay and spare yourself a few unnecessary bruises.
  6. R jers: Pick your spots wisely. Some fights will allow you an out for a quick ending.
  7. Kevin Freeman: Don't you just love predictability?
  8. The little known Entity: Never let an opponent secure victory early in the fight unless you have a specific reason for doing so.
  9. The Dancer Hunter: Don't be afraid to take some damage to dish some out. Just be sure that you can win a slugfest.
  10. Lobotomized Fish: Joe Byrd normally has a strength advantage. When he doesn't, its time to gag him with some of his own medicine.
  11. Nega Duck: Timing is everything. That timing doesn't have to be the kill shot. The set up is every bit as important.
  12. Mississippi: Don't feint against a slugger is a good general rule.
  14. Oscar the Grouch: Poor defense can definitely cause problems.
  15. Nick Danger: Kick them when they are down. Be friends after the match.
  16. B.A. Baracus: Start the grinder!!!
  17. Rusty!: In a slugger v. slugger had better win on the spot if you go inside.
  18. Bobby Says: Plan changes help.
  19. Tevesh "Planeswalker" Zsa: If you are demolished, deciding to go allout could be a very bad move.
  20. Johnny Howitzer: You taking lessons from Tevesh???
  21. Rusty!: Maybe you should work on your endurance some?
  22. Red Rhino Robinson: Career-ender...not too many fighters at that age will be viable after that beating.
  23. Antonio Castro: Second straight fighter sent straight to retirement(likely permanent). You might have gotten worse than Rhino...tough call.
  24. Sebastian Crocker: Pansy!!!! Go back and fight with the wimps in Light Heavy.
  25. William Tibbs: Revenge is sweet, isn't it?
  26. William Tibbs: I knew a kid like Tibbs once. He got beat up really bad by this other kid. He kept coming back for more...never did do more than get himself beat up. Yep, just like Tibbs.
  27. Collapses Limbly: A lamb that came willing to the slaughter.
  28. William Tibbs: Another one throws his all only to get plowed under. Didn't we have a talk about him before?
  29. Collapses Limbly: Some fighters aren't worth two rounds. Collapses isn't worth one. The trip from the lockers to the ring was a waste.
  30. Collapses Limbly: I am a firm believer in object lessons. Any fighter that comes back for a third helping against me is going to be broken. Here is your proof.
  31. Ale: Master Byrd may be the best slugger manager ever, but you aren't anywhere near his best work. Go hide in Lightheavyweight or something.
  32. Brendan Behn: That'll teach you to step up into the big leagues where you don't belong.

When I have my fun:
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  1. 7
  2. 0
  3. 0
  4. 1
  5. 3
  6. 1
  7. 5
  8. 2
  9. 2
  10. 3
  11. 5
  12. 3

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