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February 17, 2018 - The War Room Report: The War Outside The Battlefield!



February 11: Sky loads up a new recruit in the hopes to grab a scheduled fight against his current rival and current leader of the Tanks contest, Zwip's M4. In a bout that seemed like a sure match up, it was Worknman who reaches from the grave to snatch the fight against Sky's hopeful, Mamaluke with his 15 rated fighter, BB Slugger from Hell. M4 remained unscheduled going into the next scheduling day!


February 12: In the hopes to get another chance at scheduling the current leader with a live fighter, Sky spends the day bouncing up a few fighters to a rating just above M4's 13 rating. And this is were the war gets a little interesting as the managers involved began to shift their middleweights and whatever weights around to gain a flank on one another. While I was conspiring with Skykey on how best to get a schedule with Zwip's M4, Zwip was determined to get a match that wasn't at the disadvantage of being a rating under the fighter M4 would face. When the shifting and botting of fighters into even junction with one another ended, Zwip held a much greater advantage in the number of fighters within the 13-15 rating range. Sky had a couple of 14 rated fighters in play, as well as a couple of 13 rated fighters, but the advantage of numbers still played in Zwip's favor, even with the hopes of yours truly slipping in fighters to get some of Zwip's pulled away so that any two of Sky's 13 rated fighters would end up with the chance to throw gloves with M4. All hopes remained on the scheduler to get M4 matched... all the positioning, all the strategy of the day... and the scheduler leaves only one fighter among them all unscheduled for the week... M4 Sherman!



February 13: With practically every middleweight, with in weight or not, used in the positioning of battlefield components, M4 would have to force a fight with any one of the remaining live competition left on the board.  The selection of a bout between M4 Sherman and Salvageyard's Top Rank X was agreed upon by both parties.  This left this week's hopes of Luchini's prospects in the hands of a underweight fighter, and a usually bumbling manager, Me!  So when the dust cleared of battlefield maneuvers, Sky was set up for 9 middleweight fights against Zwip and Salvageyard picked off four more from Z's weaponry... but the wily M4 had maneuvered himself into a manageable position!  ...and Zwip's magic had only begun!  Awoke was the sleeping Wizard!  .It was a great week to witness and be part of!  Botton History being made, and the fights hadn't even had happened yet!


Black Panzer managed by Stykey vs Ned Simcox managed by Worknman


Black Panzer faced the week confined within the Bye-Week, and helpless to put fire on M4 Sherman.  But in a spectacular turn of events,  I had overlooked the fact that Black Panzer had captured his 5th win in a row three weeks ago in a bout against Luchini that stripped Luchini's tank of a Maintenance Crew, this put a Maintenance Crew into Black Panzer's hull and the following two weeks gave Sky an extra two points to put back onto his tank this week!  This shifts the balance of power, it almost seems like an even match between the two high point tanks on the battlefield.  With Black Panzer crawling up to 17, he is only now six points behind the leader.  The Plasma Shield that M4 Sherman still sports is the only advantage Zwip carries over Sky's Black Panzer.  With Luchini slipping into the Bye Week, he'll be set up into Black Panzer's sights the following week, giving Sky an opportunity to grab some scrap yard points if Luchini fails to deploy is last remaining hope, his Plasma Shield.


Jim Cutter managed by Razor Sharpe vs Tank Driver Luchini managed by Luchini


Razor Sharpe's Jim Cutter gave Tank Driver Luchini a major problem this week!  In what seemed like an easy victory for Luchini turned into a devastating blow when Jim Cutter caught Tank Driver Luchini in a early round allout.  The KO on Luchini's tank driver left a misfire on the battlefield, and M4 Sherman slips the week gaining another point for the tanks grand tally!  


M4 Sherman managed by ZWIP vs Top Rank Xmanaged by Salvageyard


The results of the week all played into the favor of M4 Sherman when Top Rank X and Salvageyard was barely able to even make a showing for the fight.  M4 Sherman easily out paced Top Rank X while keeping the little slugger at bay to cap off the 12th round victory with a KO on Salvageyard's hopeful.  The blistering six point hit on Luchini's tank put the red tank dangerously above the scrap yard and into the sights of Black Panzer following this week.  The two leaders eye each other this week in what is sure to be another spectacular week of maneuvering and game play for the Tanks Botton Banner!  Good Play, Guys!!!



WEEK 22 Battlefield -



WEEK 23 Battlefield Position-




1.  OUTSharks Meteor - Sydney Sharks 11-4-2 (0-3) HP- (0) / ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam) ELIMINATED BY LUCHINI JAN 12, 2018

2.  M4 Sherman - ZWIP 18-4*-0 (9-4*) HP-23 / ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)  BETA TURRET (+1 Win) MAINTENANCE CREW (+1 HP)

3.  Black Panzer - Stykey 16-6-0 (16-6) HP-17 / *ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)* DELTA CANNON (+1 KO/TKO) BETA TURRET (+1 Win)  MAINTENANCE CREW (+1 HP)

4.  Tank Driver Luchini - Luchini 13-9-0 (12-8) HP-4 / *ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)* DELTA CANNON (+1 KO/TKO) BETA TURRET (+1 Win) *MAINTENANCE CREW (+1 HP)*

5.  OUT - Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton - Salvageyard 11-7-0 (10-6) HP- (-5)  / ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam) DELTA CANNON (+1 KO/TKO)  OBLITERATED BY STYKEY JAN 19, 2018

6.  OUT - M26 Pershing - Worknman 11-7-0 (9-6) HP-(-5) / *ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)*  TERMINATED BY ZWIP JAN 26, 2018

7.  OUT - Yard of Savages - Duke of Dorkdom 3-7-0 (3-7) HP- (-1) ANNIHILATED BY STYKEY NOV 24, 2017

8.  OUT - AMX-40 - Coal City Dogpound 8-6-0 (0-4) HP- (-1) / *ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)* DESTROYED BY SYDNEY SHARKS DEC 29, 2017

9.  OUT - Abrams M1A2 - Big Boy Inc. 0-8-0 (0-0) HP-14 - DECOMMISSIONED NOV 19, 2017



(Standard Upgrades can only be awarded once)

2 Wins in a row = ARMOR PLATING,  -1 From Taken Damage

3 KO/TKO wins in a row = DELTA CANNON, +1 Damage Given for each KO/TKO

4 Wins in a row = BETA TURRET, +1 Damage Given for each Win

5 Wins in a row = MAINTENANCE CREW, +1 HP Given each week



September 11, 2017 - All tank drivers report at once!  This is not a drill!

Forward Operations has reported that the lines have been crossed and war is about to breakout across the terrain of Big Dawg Boxing! 


All tank drivers report at once!   This is not a drill!  ...HQ needs YOU to man your tank at once and fight in the fields to obtain the prize of a brand new pixelated Botton Banner!  This is not a drill!  Create one NEW boxer in the MIDDLEWEIGHT division, put the boxer on manual schedule, enter the boxer's name in the Tanks Contest accompanying forum post, and wait for further orders. 


Each tank will begin with an overall Hit Point value of 50... your main goal is to keep your tank running and fighting while trying to knock out all the other tanks within the playing field.  Each week, after the fight results the tanks will rotate around the playing field counter clockwise to match your tank up against a different one just across from it.  The weekly fights of your middleweight boxer will determine how much damage, if any, will be done to your opponents tank.

TKO = 6 point damage

KO = 5 point damage

Decision = 3 point damage

Draw/Loss = 0 point damage


Be aware, soldier, that we have new tank upgrades in development and they will be offered to you during special missions!  These upgrades will enhance your tanks capabilities if your middleweight boxer is able to accomplish these weekly goals.  These upgrades will be added to your tank following the weekly fight and contest results. 


The Tanks! contest will begin when we accumulate 8 drivers to fill the field.  The first 8 to report their tank drivers to the forum post will play in the contest! If there are more than 8 entries I can extend the playing field.  There may be bye-weeks for some players if we come across having an odd number of tanks.  Good Luck, Tank Driver!


September 15, 2017 - THE WAR BEGINS!


The battle is ready to start!  All Tank Drivers Report at Once!  Place your middleweight tank driver on WEEKLY Schedule to begin getting fights scheduled for first volley of Tanks!, Sept. 22!


SPECIAL REPORT:  With all the tanks ready to wage war, it will be a war waged with skill, luck, and opportunity!  It could be anyone's victory as this rotating round of battles matches tanks against one another outside the ring, while the dirty war is fought inside the ring within the middleweight division. Strategies may consist of unleashing a small army into the fields to hinder all other's, or it may be the single sniper of the tank driver that flusters any comers.  What ever the strategies of the commander's, be sure that your middleweight tank driver remains scheduled at all times, even on tank bye-weeks that may come when tanks are taken out of commission. 


The First PRIMARY MISSION is to win and inflict damage on your opponent's tank across from you!  With that success an extra +1 Damage will be given to your opponent's tank this week!  Good Luck, Tank Driver!


Below there are secondary missions that can be achieved for Standard Upgrades.


September 23, 2017 - The War Room Report:


The first match ups of tank drivers have been selected, and the contest of Tanks! has begun!  This first week pitted many tanks drivers against one another, although the damage they have done is inflicted on the actual tank right across from it on the battlefield.  There was a bit of a controversial move this week that had forced a fight to be cancelled.  The actions of once Coal City, now Sargon, to change regions before the scheduled fight has interrupted the beginning of the contest by canceling a scheduled fight between Sargon's AMX-40 and Worknman's M26 Pershing.  While this may have been an unintentional move, the effect is that both AMX-40's tank opponent and M26 Pershing's tank opponent are left unscathed while keeping both tank drivers fresh for the first week.  It was agreed upon from both the commissioners and this contest's host that this could be construed as ducking a fight.  To insure that we have constant consistency of integrity, Sargon will be docked the minimum Damage points that could be accumulated this week, which is 4 that included the mission point.  The next infraction by anyone to change their regions after a scheduled fight of the middleweight tank drivers has been made will be docked the maximum Damage points allowable.  In other words, you can still change regions if you feel it is necessary, but only after the contest fights have been resolved and before the scheduling of the next round for the tank drivers.    


While that bit of business is done, let's check out the fights that actually happened!

Yard of Savages VS Rallyman

Black Panzer VS Tank Driver Luchini

Well, there was no dismissing the fact that Duke of Dorkdom would win this one... a KO in the 12th put this mindless zombie in a body bag. The big KO brings a big 6 point hit on Stykey's Black Panther. But not to worry, Stykey returned the favor by downing the Luchini tank driver, who lacked any commands at all, in the 8th round. This puts Duke of Dorkdom's tank down 6 points to start the contest also.  BOOM BOOM, POW POW!

M4 Sherman VS Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton

M4 Sherman said challenge accepted when the dancer master threw Salvageyard's Pea Shooter down in the 5th round when the always bumbling Salvageyard initiated an allout attack against the still stout M4 Sherman.  The KO and the win delivers a big hit on Worknman's tank, who because of the cancelled fight, couldn't return a volley of his own. 

Hrvoje Horvat VS Sharks Meteor

The towering Sharks Meteor encountered a special gift from the gods when his tank driver took on a covered up opponent.  The specialist easily defeated his opponent by decision and whacks Salvageyard's tank with a 4 point hit!

M26 Pershing VS AMX-40


Bye-Week - Big Boy Inc.


WEEK 2 Primary Mission - The war is underway!  First weeks volleys have been taken and now all sights set in on new opponents across the way!  Win this week and an extra 1 point will be added back to your tank's total HP's.  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!


September 30 2017 - The War Room Report:


Thunderous booms and the smell of expended gun powder loom across the battle field.  Metal monsters roll about the dust and debris as turrets and shells lurch from the force of the firing barrage.  Heavy hits from three tanks, Stykey, Duke of Dorkdom, and ZWIP, last week proved that war is hell!  While ZWIP escaped the week unscathed, Stykey and Duke of Dorkdom exchanged damaging fire on one another.and face this week with deficit that only one other shares, Worknman, who was hit by ZWIP. 




The first of the secondary mission upgrades is up on the blueprint table for those who are seeking their second win. In future head to head battles between the tank drivers, the winner of these bouts will also be able to blow off any upgrades that the loser has gained from the secondary missions.  Since the upgrades can only be acquired once, this will be a most devastating loss.  If more than one upgrade has been obtained it will be the choice of the winner which upgrade will be removed via Private Message.


I have personally set up on a new strategy of unleashing a small squad of fighters into the middleweights in the hopes of clearing my tank driver of higher rating fights and to hopefully do some damage to the hopes of other tank drivers... ...ok, who snickered?...   It also looks like Sharks has created a specialist in the name of Sharks Tank Buster.  New small skirmishes have kicked off in the realm of war, but let's get to the main events! 


H2H - M26 Pershing VS Abrams M1A2

In this head to head match up of tank drivers, Worknman's M26 Pershing, coming off an auspicious start of last week, faced off against the fresh and just coming off a bye-week Abrams M1A2 of Big Boy Inc.'s control. But, the Abrams had no real control at all as Worknman set his sights on a mindless drifting tank pilot and brought home a decision win to put a glancing blow on his battlefield opponent of this week, Luchini.

Yard of Savages VS Private Pea

Big Boy's battlefield opponent, Duke of Dorkdom, who gave and took major damage last week in an exchange between his tank and Stykey's, found his tank driver facing off newly created Private Pea.  In a battle that could of gone either way, Private Pea was able to climb onto the pink tank and drop a grenade down the hatch to keep Yard of Savages from delivering a blow this week against his battlefield foe.  With both Big Boy and Duke of Dorkdom miss firing this week, it keeps both unscathed, and allows Big Boy's tank to remain even unscratched in his first week of real action.   Big Boy now leads all other tanks in hit point value, but can this continue without a brain behind the Abrams M1A2?

Tank Driver Luchini VS George Hill

Luchini enters the battlefield this week with new life!  While last week, he saw his zombified tank driver lose, this week commands were given and Luchini fires home a decision win over a covered up opponent.  Luchini's battlefield opposite, Worknman, took a glancing blow with the decision win.  While both won tank drivers won, they both receive the extra 1 point hit point that lessens the damage they both took this week.  

Lord Bismarc "Galahad" Waldtein VS AMX-40

It was a bye-week for Sargon, a chance to gain an extra hit point from just a win over Lord Galahad, but the specter fighter from the past haunted Sargon's tank driver, AMX-40, and kept Sargon from gaining off the week of rest. 

Meadows St.Pain VS Sharks Meteor

The grandmaster of gigantism, Sydney Sharks, took his towering monster up against another towering opponent scraped from the cells of Alcatraz.  Sharks kept his Meteor outside Meadows St. Pain and rat-a-tatted home a decision win over the ghost of Big Dawg Boxing past.  This gave Shark's tank driver a second consecutive win and puts Armor Plating on to his tank.  This win gave his battlefield opponent, ZWIP a shot across the haul, and lessened the damage Shark's tank received from the return fire of M4 Sherman.

Tremani Stewart VS M4 Sherman

ZWIP led his M4 Sherman in a decision win over his opponent this week, giving him his second win in a row and Armor Plating to go with it!  The win with the primary mission points softens the blow he received from Shark's tank and leaves ZWIP's tank still sitting pretty with 48 hit points remaining on the board. 

Black Panzer VS Larbi

Hitting big for the second week in a row, Stykey's Black Panzer, gains an upgrade of Armor Plating while he KO's his second opponent, on track to grab a Delta Cannon from the secondary missions!  His KO this week puts a damaging hit on Salvageyard's tank... but Stykey, so far, is the big hitter!

Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton VS Dirge

Salvageyard returned the favor back to Stykey with a KO of his own, looking like only one count too long from a TKO.  Dirge wasn't recognizable at all after the onslaught the Pea Shooter gave him this week.  First victory for Salvageyard after a dismal showing in the premier week. 

WEEK 3 Primary Mission -   A tank driver loss will increase any damage taken to tank by +2 Damage Points.  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!


October 08 2017 - The War Room Report:

H2H M26 Pershing VS Tank Driver Luchini

While this head to head battle didn't mean as much as the future will entail, it did effect the board quite significantly for both Worknman and Luchini.  Worknman led M26 Pershing out in a first round knockdown brawl against Luchini's tank driver, putting down the red tank driver two times... but it just wasn't enough to keep him down.  As the fight wore on into the middle rounds, it was clear that the Pershing didn't have enough in the tank to finish and Tank Driver Luchini laid into him in the sixth round, putting Pershing out for the count.  The KO plus the loss by his battlefield opponent, Sharks, put a devastating hit on Sharks Meteor.  The armor plating on Sharks softened the blow slightly but it still did ding the tank for a 6 point damage hit!  The loss by M26 Pershing meant that Sargon's blow on the battlefield put Worknman's tank on the bottom for this week's total scores and kept Luchini's tank untouched and on the top of the board and the second win in a row puts Armor Plating on the red tank!

Rob Steel VS AMX-40

In a redemption week for Sargon, AMX-40 grabbed a decision win over a covered up opponent that gave Worknman the 5 point hit on the battlefield.  Sargon's tank remains untouched this week and holds on to 46 hit points! 

Abrams M1A2 VS George Hill

Big Boy hasn't shown up to play just yet, and the mindless tank driver losses in a sissy fight against George Hill!  While the aimless tank driver sat looking pretty after last week, Salvageyard's win this week by KO hammers a huge dent onto Abrams M1A2 that pounds a seven point deficit into Big Boy's tank.

Private Pyle VS Yard of Savages

It was a bye-week for Duke of Dorkdom and his pink tank driver, Yard of Savages, which might of been a good thing for him as he faces off against a clone of fighter from last week in Private Pyle.  In what almost looked like a deja vu of last week's, Yard of Savages fell in the first round trying to find an angle on the stronger opponent.  With no battlefield opponent, this kept Duke of Dorkdom clean of damage as he remains at 44 hit points this week.

Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton VS Greg Saturn

Salvageyard was able to grab another victory this week and that adds Armor Plating to his ugly duckling tank.  With this being his second KO in a row, he's looking to grab a third for the Delta Cannon!

Private Pea VS M4 Sherman

M4 Sherman escaped a hard hitting Private Pea when Private Pea went all Hannibal Lector on ZWIP's tank driver.  The bite on the ear halted the fight and ZWIP puts a third straight win on his column and is now in the hunt for the upgraded turret that will add a hit point to every victory!  The Wizard of the Midwest barely needs more advantage, but with a solid hit from his battlefield opponent, Black Panzer, this week, M4 Sherman will take any to recover for the long haul. 

Black Panzer VS Cyron Last

Delta Cannon, anyone?  Well, only the Black Panzer now sports one.  The added upgrade will only increase the blows that Stykey has dished out along the first few weeks of the contest.  The big pounding Panzer grabbed a third KO, and while he is dishing out big hits on his battlefield opponents, it only seems somewhat ironic that he is also taking the big hits as well.  But this week, was a light hit in comparison to the first two weeks, and with the addition of the barrel upgrade, Stykey has become the super power tank of the battlefield!  He is only one more victory away from increasing his hitting power again, and all will tremble before him!

Cal St.Pain VS Sharks Meteor

The loss this week against a pesky fighter out of the cells of Alcatraz leaves Sharks Meteor open to a blast from Luchini that knocks a 6 point hit Meteor, only softened by the previously gotten upgrade of armor plating!  This takes Sharks from sitting pretty at 48 to sitting among the crippled at 42. 


WEEK 4 Primary Mission -   DOUBLE DAMAGE WEEK! Good Luck, Tank Drivers!


WEEK 3 Battlefield -

October 14 2017 - The War Room Report:

H2H M26 Pershing VS Abrams M1A2

It was an off week for the M26 Pershing, and a pleasant break for the beleaguered tank that entered the bye-week position at the bottom of the pack, only to emerge after this week's results of DOUBLE DAMAGE WEEK squarely in the middle.  In a head to head battle with Big Boy's Abrams, Pershing was able to out dance the lifeless Big Boy tank driver in a decision win that didn't mean much on the battlefield but does put the Pershing one win away from putting some much needed armor on the tank.  

Carlos "GET RECK'D" Ortiz VS M4 Sherman

As a result of the still AWOL Big Boy, Zwip's tank, M4 Sherman, slid by this week's damaging mission outcome with nay a scratch on its hull.  The fourth win by Zwip's Sherman also puts a new turret on the tank to add a damage point for every win!  While Zwip and Stykey share the same rating, there is a stark difference in damage between the two tanks.  Zwip has some how been able to stay variably clean of damaging weeks and currently holds the lead among the ravages of the battlefield.

Yard of Savages VS Greg Saturn

Lord Bismarc "Galahad" Waldtein VS Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton

Salvageyard continues his bro-mance with Duke of Dorkdom as he lays a big hit on the befuddled pink tank.  With no retaliatory hit from DoD's Yard of Savages, Salvageyard's yellow tank stays clear of the monstrous potential damage of this last week's primary mission.  The third KO by the Pea Shooter puts a Delta Cannon on the tank and the ugly duckling tank of Salvageyard is bearing down on its battlefield opponents.  Going into a bye-week for Salvageyard being only two points behind the leader, Zwip, is a huge gift!

Sharks Meteor VS Orlando Johnson

AMX-40 VS Rob Steel

Sharks and Sargon exchange blows this week, as both tank driver's eek out decision wins over their middleweight opponenets.  It was Shark's Armor Plating that soften the damage slightly for his tank, Meteor, while Sargon took the brunt of the exchange with the full double damage points of 6!  Baring the first four points penalized to Sargon, he would be tied in the lead with Zwip on the leader board, but after this week he is still sitting pretty among the top three with 40 points!  Sargon also secured his second win in a row and puts his own Armor Plating on the hull of his tank. 

Tank Driver Luchini VS George Hill

Black Panzer VS nevruz celikal

In the biggest exchange of the week it was Black Panzer and Tank Driver Luchini that threw a couple of bombs at one another!  Double Damage Week bit hard into both tanks with the Black Panzer capping off the fourth week with a KO, not only adding the upgraded turret to his tank but also putting another potential damage point into the double damage equation!  The twelve points knocked the red tank for huge damage, taking Luchini from 48 all the way to 37, damage only softened by armor plating!  While Stykey has been dishing it out like Greedo the killer pimp, he's also being pounded like quarter beer night!  Luchini follows suit with a 12 point damage hit himself after TKO'ing his opponent in the middleweight division, pounding back a 11 point hit on the armor plated black tank!  Stykey slides from 38 down to 27 after this week's results.  While having the best record among the tank drivers, Stykey's tank has been taking a beating, which only goes to show that anyone can win this one!  BUT, all is not lost for the black tank!  With the Black Panzer seeking his fifth win this next week he'll potentially be gaining a HP every week from the upgrade of the Maintenance crew!


WEEK 4 Battlefield -

WEEK 5 Primary Mission -   Non-retaliatory scrap hording!  This week, a loss by your battlefield opponent and a damaging win by your own tank driver will gift you +3 HP to add back into your HP total!  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!


October 21 2017 - The War Room Report:


In another auspicious week for the once Sargon, ...then King Sargon..., now (R.I.P.) Coal Cracker (...I do miss him!) took another turn moving from one region to another, again canceling an already scheduled fight for AMX-40.  The maximum amount of penalty points for such a move will be enforced up on AMX-40 of 6 hit points being removed.  While this does drop AMX down the charts, it doesn't exactly put him out of reach of the others and he still has a chance, if not slimmer by his own hands, to eek out a top spot along the way.  

H2H Tank Driver Luchini VS Black Panzer

This one came with every factor measured in the contest!  Head to head with upgrades on the line!  In a rematch of the very first week, Luchini wasn't coming into this one blind and dumb... he was prepared for the onslaught of the powerful and devastating Black Panzer!  Stykey was looking for his fifth victory, and hunting the Maintenance Crew upgrade that would come with it, but all hopes were trounced when a exchange of knock downs between the two tank drivers ended up with the Black Panzer facedown for the final count in the first round!  Luchini comes out big this week, with being the only tank driver to capitalize on the primary mission of last week, he grabs 3 extra HP to add back onto his total and ties up with Zwip in second place with 40 points!  With the choice of upgrades to blow off Black Panzer, Luchini settles on getting rid of Black Panzer's Armor Plating, leaving the black tank wide open for the full brunt of future blows!  

Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton VS Cal St.Pain

What was wrong with me this week?  Everything!  Not one damn thing went right... and this was just the icing on the cake for me... LOSING TO AN ALCATRAZ FIGHTER!  This loss puts out of reach the Beta Turret until another day for me!  But I do come off a bye-week in the lead?!?  Who smells foul?!? 

Sharks Meteor VS Meadows St.Pain

M26 Pershing VS Cyron Last

Worknman and Sydney Sharks exchange blows this week, with Sharks getting the bigger hit of the two!  Worknman works for his Armor Plating grabbing a second win in a row and the two tank drivers remain still positioned in the middle of the pack! 

M4 Sherman VS Private Lawson

Yard of Savages VS Marcus Direl

Duke of Dorkdom may have wished he could of fought Zwip's M4 Sherman with Private Lawson this week!  Salvageyard really screwed the pooch letting the M4 Sherman escape with his fifth victory in a row!  The upgrade of the Maintenance Crew will really give Zwip the upper hand going into the later parts of the contest!   But DoD did put a strike on Zwip's green tank that knocked four points from his total, sliding him into second place with Luchini!  SOMEONE has got to put the brakes on the M4 Sherman... he'll run away with this one for sure!  We may need a BOUNTY!?!

Abrams M1A2 VS George Hill

Another sissy fight lost by the Abrams... the Abrams M1A2 days are numbered though... if there is no life out of this tank after the complete circuit of bye-weeks have been run, then BB's tank driver will be dropped from the contest. 


WEEK 6 Primary Mission -  Self Inflicted Wounds!  A loss this week by your tank driver and an extra 5 HP will be removed from your totals!  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!

WEEK 5 Battlefield -


October 29, 2017 - The War Room Report:

H2H Black Panzer VS M26 Pershing

This was a true head to head with a battlefield match up!  The Black Panzer and M26 Pershing eyeing each other in all ways.  The winner would take the week without a scratch, while the loser would end up having an upgrade blown off!  The first round went to Worknman's tank driver as he cut off the ring on Stykey's Black Panzer, outscoring the black tank 10-7.  But that took its toll on the Pershing driver as Black Panzer kept up the clinch attack into the fourth round blowing everything out of M26!  The fight ended in a TKO and the Black Panzer throws a huge hit on M26 with the biggest hit of the contest so far!  8 points for the TKO with 2 points coming off Black Panzer's upgrades, add in this last week's mission and 5 more points were taken from Worknman's tank driver... 12 POINT hit on the tank!  This slides Worknman from 34 all the way down to 22! The Black Panzer holds his score this week at 27!

H2H Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton VS Yard of Savages

Duke of Dorkdom has been taking the stint of Salvageyard's furry!  This week was no different in a head to head match up that ended in a KO in the first round going to Pea Shooter.  While most of Salvageyard's angst has been directed at Zwip's M4 Sherman, Duke of Dorkdom has suffered the fallout while Zwip escapes any ill suffering.  While this contest has been clearly structured around knockout artists, it's the Wizard of the Midwest and his dancing tank driver demonstrates that this may not be the case.  The KO from Salvageyard's tank driver does ding M4 Sherman with a blow, the loss by DoD gives his tank a bigger blow from Luchini with a 7 point hit and another 5 point loss with this last week's mission.  Another 12 hit blow!  This drops DoD from 26 all the way down to life support at 14 points! 

Sharks Meteor VS Super Ghouls

A disappointing week for Sydney Sharks for sure!  While safe from tank retaliation in the bye-week, a loss to an Alcatraz fighter with the mission puts a 5 point deduction on Sharks Meteor with a self inflicted wound!  Sharks slides from 33 to 28 this week.  Not much a bye week for the tank driver! 

M4 Sherman VS Private Stumpy

Zwip again makes easy work of a Salvageyard private, KOing the little but hopeful fighter in the fourth round after Private Stumpy attempts an early allout!  This all in turn returns fire on Salvageyard's tank knocking a dent into his score!  While Zwip dropped to 36 points, the hit on Salvageyard drops him from 42 to 37!  The plight of Salvageyard's privates remains grim against M4 Sherman! 

AMX-40 VS George Hill

Coal City Dogpound makes easy work of George Hill in a decision win and gives the absent Big Boy tank a three point ding... adding in the loss from Big Boy's mindless tank driver and 8 points drops BB from 32 to 24!  As long as Coal City Dogpound is able to fly straight, he still is hopeful to get back into the fore front of the leaders!

Tank Driver Luchini VS Carl Goodenow

Last week I forgot to add on the Beta Turret to Luchini's tank, but did account for it this week and that only adds misery to DoD's contest hopes!  This was the fifth win in a row for Tank Driver Luchini, and a Maintenance Crew is added to the red tank!  Luchini stays clear of any hits and grabs the lead from Salvageyard!  Luchini is now the tank to fear the most right now!  With only 10 points taken from his total score over the contest's history, Luchini is looking STRONG!

Abrams M1A2 VS Coal Cracker Billy

Coal has sent in a small army of his own into the fray of middleweight contestants and easily does away with Big Boy's Abrams M1A2, giving BB his fifth loss in a row. 

If I make any errors please contact me by PM and I'll get those straighten out ASAP.

WEEK 7 Primary Mission -  Heavy Artillery!  Win by KO/TKO add 3 point damage!

WEEK 6 Battlefield -



November 4, 2017 - The War Room Report:

M4 Sherman VS Mechanical Metal I

Salvageyard blows it again, and even though this fight meant nothing on the battlefield, it allows Zwip to gain further ranks to be out of reach for most of the straggling armies that pursue M4 Sherman.  But, nothing in the rules says anyone can't bot up some fighters to reach him during the weekend!  I obviously don't have it to beat him.  Zwip comes out of the bye-week in the top spot, five points ahead of Luchini who now holds second place after this week!

Marcus Direl VS Yard of Savages

AMX-40 VS Sharks Tank Buster

Duke of Dorkdom threw his Yard of Savages at Marcus Direl and captured a huge TKO this week, banging a big dent on his battlefield opponent, Coal City Dogpound!  Sydney Sharks kept the problems coming for AMX-40 when his Tank Buster bested Coal City's tank driver in a close battle that came down to a decision win.  This left Yard of Savages spared of any retaliation and Duke of Dorkdom keeps level, just above death at 14 points.

Coal Cracker Billy VS Abrams M1A2

Coal Cracker Mike VS M26 Pershing

Coal City Dogpound does make a showing with his new army against a couple of tank driver hopefuls.  He easily puts the mindless Abrams M1A2 away for the second week in a row with a decision win with Billy... while the name "Mike" haunts Worknman for the second time this week and keeps M26 Pershing from scoring a hit on the beleaguered Big Boy tank driver.  Both tanks throw air at each other and their scores remain the same.

Hagler vs Hearns VS Sharks Meteor

Jason Rivers VS Black Panzer

Don't count Stykey out just yet!  He has escaped another week with null damage on his hull!  This is the third week in a row that the Black Panzer floats at the score of 27 and he returns fire on Sharks Meteor's tank with a big hit of a KO with additional upgrade damage thrown in!  This blasts Sharks Meteor from 28 to 19 with the mission requirements of the week!

#'s em VS Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton

Reginald Simcox VS Tank Driver Luchini

With the biggest exchange of the week, Luchini and Salvageyard exchange a salvo that knocks into both of them with hard bangs!  Pea Shooter squeezes out a TKO against his Alcatraz opponent and Luchini grabs a KO from a Simcox fighter out of Worknman's camp!  The exchange pounded Pea Shooter from 37 and second place down to 28 and third place, while Luchini was banged from 40 points and first place to 32 and second place!  Meanwhile, Zwip couldn't be happier!!!  But with the reposition of the battlefield, first and second place square off next week, this will most likely prove to be a big upcoming week!

WEEK 8 Primary Mission - A win this week will grab your tank a new upgrade!  PLASMA SHIELD is a one time use to escape a week without a hit!  Recipients of this shield can use it any week they choose, but it must be declared before the results of that week's fights by use of PMing me (Salvageyard).  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!

WEEK 7 Battlefield -


November 11, 2017 - The War Room Report:

H2H AMX-40 VS M26 Pershing

It was a head to head battle that was weeks in the making!  When Coal City moved regions the very first week, AMX-40 slipped the fight he had against M26 Pershing... but this week, a reincarnation of the fight would take place.  Both fighters evenly matched, and it could of been anyone's fight when the bell rang for the first round.  It was a grueling match as the fight took it's toll on both fighters, but it was M26 that withstood the power punches and capitalized on a slim speck of endurance that gave him the edge to KO AMX-40 in the seventh round, and blew off Coal City's only upgrade of Armor Plating!  The score for Worknman blew a chunk from Duke of Dorkdom's score, dropping DoD down to perilously remaining just above total destruction at 9 points!  The loss by Coal City keeps Salvageyard in the hunt as Sal scrapes by this week without a scratch!

Private Pyle VS Yard of Savages

The woe's of Yard of Savages continue when Private Pyle was able to continue Salvageyard's private army domination of DoD's tank driver.  This left Worknman's tank untouched this week and M26 holds on to a 22 point score, and still in the hunt!  

Lord Bismarc "Galahad" Waldtein VS Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton

Pea Shooter shoots down another Alcatraz fighter and the TKO gathered from the fight puts a big ding onto Coal City's tank, dropping AMX-40 from a respectable 26 points to 20 points!  Armor plating helped soften the blow!  This gives Salvageyard the pass this week and keeps Pea Shooter in the race with 28 points and tied up with Luchini for second place!

Black Panzer VS Reginald Simcox

It was a bye-week for the Black Panzer, and probably beneficial for Stykey as Worknman's Simcox finds a KO in the match against the tank driver.  The loss didn't mean much for Black Panzer but it also didn't help him achieve the primary mission.  It keeps Stykey's tank from the valuable upgrade of a Plasma Shield!

Abrams M1A2 VS George Hill

One more week and the Abrams M1A2 will be retired from the competition... this was the seventh loss from the mindless tank driver and gives Sharks a breather this week!

Sharks Meteor VS Rob Steel

Sharks was able to give fire on his battlefield opponent with a decision win over Rob Steel, putting a 3 point glancing blow on BB's Abrams.  Sharks holds on to a 19 point total and goes into the next week against the flailing Yard of Savages!  This all may keep him in the running as we start to get to the nitty-gritty of the latter stages of the competition!

Karl Simcox VS Tank Driver Luchini

M4 Sherman VS Rupert "His Lordship" Berkenshire

It was a battlefield showdown of first and second place!  Both tanks bristling with upgrades and pitted against one another!  Luchini grabs a TKO out of Worknman's Simcox and the addition of the upgrades adds to the damage that Zwip's tank suffered, only spared a couple of points from Zwip's own upgrades!  It seemed that Zwip might have coaxed a KO out of his middleweight opponent with a few taunts in the press, and that gave an exchange of a battlefield salvo that put a dent onto Luchini's tank!  The exchange lowered both tank's overall score, but Luchini slims the gap between first and second place by two points this week!  With Luchini going into a bye-week this upcoming week, we may be looking at a new leader if Coal City can put some artillery on the current leader! 


For those who did win the Plasma Shields this last week, remember they are a one time only use and must be activated prior the results of the fights on Friday by the use of sending me (Salvageyard) a Private Message.  The use of this upgrade will entail predicting the outcome of the fight of your battlefield opponent, if it is warranted.  They will deflect any damage received that week!

WEEK 9 Primary Mission - Final Primary Mission of the contest!  Seek out and Destroy!  For those who vanquish an opponent tank from the battlefield will receive 5 Hit Points to add back on to their total!  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!

WEEK 8 Battlefield -


November 19, 2017 - The War Room Report:

Cyron Last VS Abrams M1A2

It was the final fight for Abrams M1A2 for this contest.  After Big Boy's 8th loss in a row with the mindless tank driver, he will be the first one into the scrap yard.  This will force all out battle on the battlefield until tanks are blown up completely.  With Duke of Dorkdom's Yard of Savages teetering on destruction, it may not be long until we are back into a rotation with a bye-week!

Rallyman VS AMX-40

Coal City Dogpound faced off against Zwip's tank driver on the battlefield!  AMX-40 found a hit when he was able to out dance his Pettson opponent from Finland... with a 2-28 record!  WHEW!  With Zwip's updates on his tank, the hit was only for a one point deduction... but for the rest trailing just behind Zwip, this means everything!  Thumbs up for Sargon!

Coal Cracker Renee VS M26 Pershing

Worknman had a GREAT week!  Not only did he get back his super-middle weight title with a complete annihilation of my "special boy" Mike the Mailman, he found a KO victory over a Coal City special ops fighter that put a huge hit on my tank, dropping me from a close third place position down to a distant fourth place!   For the third week in a row, Worknman keeps his tank steady at 22 points and is still in the hunt, only 8 points behind the current leader!

Carlos "GET RECK'D" Ortiz VS Yard of Savages

DoD just can't catch a break in this contest... the KO loss against an Alcatraz fighter leaves Shark's tank driver, Sharks Meteor, at 19 points and still looking fairly strong as the battlefield turns!  DoD's tank is down to 6 points!  Will he be the first one to be officially blown from the battlefield?  Only the next few weeks will tell!  

Sharks Meteor VS Bent Boom

Sharks etched out a decision win over Bent Boom and put a three point hit on Yard of Savages!  This leaves DoD completely vulnerable to complete destruction and will give a 5 HP boost to the tank driver that pulls it off!

Black Panzer VS Coal Cracker Mike

For the fifth week in a row, Sky (my nickname for him) keeps the Black Panzer sailing at 27 points and pounds home a KO victory against a pesky Coal City fighter!  The BIG hitting tank, Black Panzer, put a seven point hit on the now defunct Big Boy tank!  Sky has become the dark horse in the race to the finish!  Now sitting pretty in third place only 3 points shy of the current leader!  With the new positions of the battlefield coming into play... and DoD on the chopping block... a 5 HP addition to Sky's tank will put him in the lead if he is able to cap off the pretty in pink tank!

Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton VS Cal St.Pain

Salvageyard falls again to Cal St. Pain from Alcatraz!  I take it pretty hard when I lose to an Alcatraz... add in the factor of the inability to return fire onto Worknman's tank, I'll be kicking myself all week over it.  Still not out completely yet, only 6 points behind the leader... but with the knowledge that I've ran 11 contests, most of them I've been a competitor in... never have won a single one... I don't give myself much of a chance at this one either... ok, pity-party over...

Ned Simcox VS Tank Driver Luchini

Thank God for bye-weeks?  Luchini had a bit of a difficulty this week against a Simcox from Worknman's elite guard!  The second place holder was out danced and distanced by Simcox and Tank Driver Luchini's string of solid KO victories was ended!  But this meant nothing on the battlefield!  Tank Driver Luchini even comes out of the bye-week with a 1 point addition to his HP total with his Crew Maintenance upgrade!  This puts Luchini only one point shy of sharing the lead with Zwip!  As we come to the chapter of our contest that is devoid of any future primary missions, these upgrades will mean everything!

M4 Sherman VS %9

M4 Sherman continues DOMINATION!  Has the prior win put Zwip's tank driver out of reach for any of his battlefield opponents?  Will the dancing tank driver without the only upgrade of a Delta Cannon be the difference in the end?  Only the next chapter of the contest will tell!  This is going to be a nail biter for sure!!!  The only hope, I think, will fall into the lap of Worknman's elite middle-weight guard!

WEEK 9 Battlefield -


November 25, 2017 - The War Room Report:

Greg Saturn VS Yard of Savages

It seems that the end of the line has come for Yard of Savages and Duke of Dorkdom's pretty in pink tank.  What memorable Botton contest is without DoD?  Always a terrific competitor and a great sport, but this one just didn't go his way at all, and I feel mostly to blame for that one.  If my bumbling whit of trying to slow down Zwip's M4 Sherman didn't get into Yard of Savages way, he might of been the one to do it.  But, alas... Stykey blasts the pink tank from the battlefield and we are looking at a whole new ball game when the screws of the battlefield realign our current competitors!

AMX-40 VS nevruz celikal

Coal City came close to getting AMX-40 a TKO, it was looking as if Celikal had had about enough, but the fighter held on till the end.  AMX-40 does get a decision win out of this one and puts some artillery on Luchini's tank.  The three point damage hit was softened by the upgrades of Luchini's tank, which ended up being a one point blow, still only a four point difference to the current leader!

Meadows St.Pain VS Sharks Meteor

Super Ghouls VS Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton

Sharks pulls home a decision win over a pesky Alcatraz fighter!  This put damage on Salvageyard's tank, dropping him further down the board, now ten points behind the current leader.  Salvageyard returned the favor with a five point strike on Shark's tank with a KO victory over Super Ghouls.  This puts Sharks Meteor teetering on the edge of destruction at 14 points.  Can the Champion of Giants hold out till the end?  One victory shy from a possible upgrade of the Beta Turret may help!

Coal Cracker Mike VS M26 Pershing

M4 Sherman VS Othos

It was certainly a rough week for Worknman and his elite middleweight guard of Simcox's.  M26 Pershing fell for the second time against Coal Cracker Mike!  This left Zwip's M4 Sherman clean of any hits this week and even gaining a point from the Maintenance Crew!  Zwip walks over easy competition this week, putting a 4 point hit salvo back on Worknman's tank.  This puts M26 Pershing in the high teens... but, reflection of the new rotation will put Worknman into a bye-week this week and will stave him from any damage coming out into the twelfth week of this contest!  With the real big boys, that bristle with upgrades, lining up on each other this week, M26 Pershing could come out of the bye-week sitting in a draft position!

Reginald Simcox VS Tank Driver Luchini

After losing last week to Ned Simcox, Luchini finds his target with Reginald Simcox.  In a blistering display of "go get 'em", Tank Driver Luchini launched into a powerful onslaught onto Worknman's elite guard and wore him down to gain the KO win in the eighth round!  With Tank Driver Luchini armed to the teeth with upgrades, sent a 7 point salvo onto Coal City Dogpound's AMX-40!  This puts AMX-40 at just 9 points left to hold on for as long as he can!  With the line of tanks he must now cross, it is not looking good for Coal City to find a breather of a bye-week before his demise!

Karl Simcox VS Black Panzer

And just like that, we have a new leader!  With a very well constructed battle plan, Stykey leads Black Panzer on a heroic and desperate mission against stout competition with Worknman's elite!  It was a fight Black Panzer needed to knock Duke of Dorkdom's Yard of Salvages into the Scrap Yard and grab the five extra points needed to capture the lead from Zwip!  For the SIXTH week in a row, Stykey's Black Panzer stays clean of any hits when DoD couldn't return fire!  ...the sixth week in a row even without Armor Plating that was blown off by Luchini in a head to head match October 21rst!  Now Stykey holds the leader position!  With the two top tiers eyeing each other this up coming week, this could only be in Luchini's favor... unless...


WEEK 10 Battlefield -


December 2, 2017 - The War Room Report:

H2H AMX-40 VS M26 Pershing

It was another grueling match up and head to head for AMX-40 and M26 Pershing.  In the second meeting of these two tank drivers M26 Pershing outlasted AMX-40 in a punishing fight that lasted to the ninth round.  Worknman seemed on a mission this week as he caps off this win and leads his elite soldiers of Simcox's on a devastating show with the rest of the tank drivers they were matched up against!  The loss by Coal City left him unable to retaliate on Salvageyard's tank.

Rupert "His Lordship" Berkenshire VS Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton

Rupert wasn't going out of this fight without showing a little distain for Pea Shooter as Rubert fouls out by throwing an elbow.  The hopes of Pea Shooter to grab a KO or TKO were dashed.  The decision win does put a 3 point hit on Coal City's tank and puts AMX-40 that much closer to oblivion.  With the wheels turning on the battlefield, AMX's next opponent will be Zwip's unstoppable M4 Sherman, but M4 is not a KO artist.  A TKO is the only way Zwip can pull off putting AMX-40 into the scrap yard and gaining 5 extra HP's.  But with this slim of a chance, AMX-40 may swing into the sights of Luchini's tank two weeks from now... and this could spell trouble for both AMX-40 and M4 Sherman!

BOT-183485 VS Sharks Meteor

It seems that the wheels must have fallen off Shark's fight plan this week!  He had this Bot beat on the score cards up until the 9th round, but then the last four rounds Sharks Meteor fell asleep and the Bot capitalized on a decision win over Sharks Meteor.  This keeps Sharks from obtaining a Beta Turret.  But Sharks Meteor does escape this week without damage and holds on to his 14 HP going into the twelfth week of this contest!

Black Panzer VS Reginald Simcox

Worknman is doing some work with his elite guard of Simcox fighters!  Reginald held on to his endurance going into the twelfth round and was able to cap off a KO win over the powerful Black Panzer!  This left Sky unable to retaliate on Zwip's tank and Z retakes the lead!

Ned Simcox VS Tank Driver Luchini

Luchini just couldn't find the angle on Ned Simcox for the second time.  Ned seems to be the thorn in Luchini's side keeping Tank Driver Luchini from putting damage on Shark's struggling tank!  Only two hits this week in all for the tank drivers in this contest... the worst week so far for the battalion of tanks!  With Sharks unable to put a hit on Luchini, Luchini actually gains a point from his upgrade of the Maintenance Crew and keeps just three points shy of the leader!

M4 Sherman VS BOT-185106

M4 Sherman keeps his undefeated streak alive with a decision win over this Bot!  The decision win and extra point from Zwip's upgrade of a Beta Turret put a four point hit on Black Panzer, slipping Sky's tank down to 28 HP!  Zwip reclaims the lead position as he just seems unstoppable, even gaining an HP as Sky was unable to put fire on M4 Sherman!  The rest of us can only hope that the scheduler pulls out Sky's Whammer Jammer or Worknman's Morris Simcox for the current leader to face this coming week! 


WEEK 11 Battlefield -

December 9, 2017 - The War Room Report:


H2H Tank Driver Luchini VS Black Panzer

It would be a fight made in  Botton History!  Two of the top dogs of the Tanks contest would square off in a head to head fight that had everything on the line for these two Botton Banner hopefuls!  The second meeting of the two tank drivers would square off in a brutal fight that would determine not only this week's HP rating between the two, but also who would go home with one less upgrade!  When they had met last it was nearly two months ago on September 10th!  Tank Driver Luchini was able to cap off the heavy hitter of Black Panzer in a KO win in the first round.  The rematch, now weeks later, wasn't going to pan out the same way!  Black Panzer had come into his own and was looking to repay the favor to Tank Driver Luchini for ripping off Black Panzer's Armor Plating the last they met!  Black Panzer didn't try anything special like their meeting before, but came right at Luchini with a clinch of his own and buried Tank Driver Luchini in the first round!  This fight was everything Sky needed to keep his tank driver in the hunt and to diminish the HP's of one of his closest competitors!  But this is all far from being over!  Coal City, now sitting perilously close to being sent to the scrap yard, lines up in the sights of Luchini this week and all bets are off on who Tank Driver Luchini will pull as a middleweight competitor and if Coal City's tank driver can coast through another decision win!  It could be a 6 point swing for Luchini this coming week which could launch him back into just drafting Zwip or even in the lead!  As of this point, I still have not got the decision on which upgrade Sky will pry off Tank Driver Luchini... will update when his decision is made!  Awesome show, guys!

AMX-40 VS Cyron Last

AMX-40 sits just above death now.  But, he does come swinging a one point damage hit on Zwip's still perfect and undefeated M4 Sherman!  The decision win over Cyron Last only softened by the upgrades Zwip is blustering with!  Another week, Z only suffers a one point loss to his HP's, but when the noose tightens on the battlefield, any and all Hit Points will matter!

Name Taken