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October 14 2017 - The War Room Report:

H2H M26 Pershing VS Abrams M1A2

It was an off week for the M26 Pershing, and a pleasant break for the beleaguered tank that entered the bye-week position at the bottom of the pack, only to emerge after this week's results of DOUBLE DAMAGE WEEK squarely in the middle.  In a head to head battle with Big Boy's Abrams, Pershing was able to out dance the lifeless Big Boy tank driver in a decision win that didn't mean much on the battlefield but does put the Pershing one win away from putting some much needed armor on the tank.  

Carlos "GET RECK'D" Ortiz VS M4 Sherman

As a result of the still AWOL Big Boy, Zwip's tank, M4 Sherman, slid by this week's damaging mission outcome with nay a scratch on its hull.  The fourth win by Zwip's Sherman also puts a new turret on the tank to add a damage point for every win!  While Zwip and Stykey share the same rating, there is a stark difference in damage between the two tanks.  Zwip has some how been able to stay variably clean of damaging weeks and currently holds the lead among the ravages of the battlefield.

Yard of Savages VS Greg Saturn

Lord Bismarc "Galahad" Waldtein VS Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton

Salvageyard continues his bro-mance with Duke of Dorkdom as he lays a big hit on the befuddled pink tank.  With no retaliatory hit from DoD's Yard of Savages, Salvageyard's yellow tank stays clear of the monstrous potential damage of this last week's primary mission.  The third KO by the Pea Shooter puts a Delta Cannon on the tank and the ugly duckling tank of Salvageyard is bearing down on its battlefield opponents.  Going into a bye-week for Salvageyard being only two points behind the leader, Zwip, is a huge gift!

Sharks Meteor VS Orlando Johnson

AMX-40 VS Rob Steel

Sharks and Sargon exchange blows this week, as both tank driver's eek out decision wins over their middleweight opponenets.  It was Shark's Armor Plating that soften the damage slightly for his tank, Meteor, while Sargon took the brunt of the exchange with the full double damage points of 6!  Baring the first four points penalized to Sargon, he would be tied in the lead with Zwip on the leader board, but after this week he is still sitting pretty among the top three with 40 points!  Sargon also secured his second win in a row and puts his own Armor Plating on the hull of his tank. 

Tank Driver Luchini VS George Hill

Black Panzer VS nevruz celikal

In the biggest exchange of the week it was Black Panzer and Tank Driver Luchini that threw a couple of bombs at one another!  Double Damage Week bit hard into both tanks with the Black Panzer capping off the fourth week with a KO, not only adding the upgraded turret to his tank but also putting another potential damage point into the double damage equation!  The twelve points knocked the red tank for huge damage, taking Luchini from 48 all the way to 37, damage only softened by armor plating!  While Stykey has been dishing it out like Greedo the killer pimp, he's also being pounded like quarter beer night!  Luchini follows suit with a 12 point damage hit himself after TKO'ing his opponent in the middleweight division, pounding back a 11 point hit on the armor plated black tank!  Stykey slides from 38 down to 27 after this week's results.  While having the best record among the tank drivers, Stykey's tank has been taking a beating, which only goes to show that anyone can win this one!  BUT, all is not lost for the black tank!  With the Black Panzer seeking his fifth win this next week he'll potentially be gaining a HP every week from the upgrade of the Maintenance crew!


WEEK 4 Battlefield -

WEEK 5 Primary Mission -   Non-retaliatory scrap hording!  This week, a loss by your battlefield opponent and a damaging win by your own tank driver will gift you +3 HP to add back into your HP total!  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!

WEEK 5 Battlefield Position-

Tank Drivers -

1.  Sharks Meteor - Sydney Sharks 3-1-0 (0-1) HP-37 / ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)

2.  M4 Sherman - ZWIP 4-0-0 (1-0) HP-44 / ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)  BETA TURRET (+1 Win)

3.  Black Panzer - Stykey 4-0-0 (4-0) HP-27 / ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam) DELTA CANNON (+1 KO/TKO) BETA TURRET (+1 Win)

4.  Tank Driver Luchini - Luchini 3-1-0 (2-1) HP-37 / ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)

5.  Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton - Salvageyard 3-1-0 (3-1) HP-42  / ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam) DELTA CANNON (+1 KO/TKO)

6.  M26 Pershing - Worknman 2-1-0 (0-1) HP-37

7.  Yard of Savages - Duke of Dorkdom 1-3-0 (1-3) HP-32

8.  AMX-40 - Sargon 2-1-0 (0-0) HP-40 ARMOR PLATING (-1 Dam)

9.  Abrams M1A2 - Big Boy Inc. 0-3-0 (0-0) HP-37



(Standard Upgrades can only be awarded once)

2 Wins in a row = ARMOR PLATING,  -1 From Taken Damage

3 KO/TKO wins in a row = DELTA CANNON, +1 Damage Given for each KO/TKO

4 Wins in a row = BETA TURRET, +1 Damage Given for each Win

5 Wins in a row = MAINTENANCE CREW, +1 HP Given each week



September 11, 2017 - All tank drivers report at once!  This is not a drill!

Forward Operations has reported that the lines have been crossed and war is about to breakout across the terrain of Big Dawg Boxing! 


All tank drivers report at once!   This is not a drill!  ...HQ needs YOU to man your tank at once and fight in the fields to obtain the prize of a brand new pixelated Botton Banner!  This is not a drill!  Create one NEW boxer in the MIDDLEWEIGHT division, put the boxer on manual schedule, enter the boxer's name in the Tanks Contest accompanying forum post, and wait for further orders. 


Each tank will begin with an overall Hit Point value of 50... your main goal is to keep your tank running and fighting while trying to knock out all the other tanks within the playing field.  Each week, after the fight results the tanks will rotate around the playing field counter clockwise to match your tank up against a different one just across from it.  The weekly fights of your middleweight boxer will determine how much damage, if any, will be done to your opponents tank.

TKO = 6 point damage

KO = 5 point damage

Decision = 3 point damage

Draw/Loss = 0 point damage


Be aware, soldier, that we have new tank upgrades in development and they will be offered to you during special missions!  These upgrades will enhance your tanks capabilities if your middleweight boxer is able to accomplish these weekly goals.  These upgrades will be added to your tank following the weekly fight and contest results. 


The Tanks! contest will begin when we accumulate 8 drivers to fill the field.  The first 8 to report their tank drivers to the forum post will play in the contest! If there are more than 8 entries I can extend the playing field.  There may be bye-weeks for some players if we come across having an odd number of tanks.  Good Luck, Tank Driver!


September 15, 2017 - THE WAR BEGINS!


The battle is ready to start!  All Tank Drivers Report at Once!  Place your middleweight tank driver on WEEKLY Schedule to begin getting fights scheduled for first volley of Tanks!, Sept. 22!


SPECIAL REPORT:  With all the tanks ready to wage war, it will be a war waged with skill, luck, and opportunity!  It could be anyone's victory as this rotating round of battles matches tanks against one another outside the ring, while the dirty war is fought inside the ring within the middleweight division. Strategies may consist of unleashing a small army into the fields to hinder all other's, or it may be the single sniper of the tank driver that flusters any comers.  What ever the strategies of the commander's, be sure that your middleweight tank driver remains scheduled at all times, even on tank bye-weeks that may come when tanks are taken out of commission. 


The First PRIMARY MISSION is to win and inflict damage on your opponent's tank across from you!  With that success an extra +1 Damage will be given to your opponent's tank this week!  Good Luck, Tank Driver!


Below there are secondary missions that can be achieved for Standard Upgrades.


September 23, 2017 - The War Room Report:


The first match ups of tank drivers have been selected, and the contest of Tanks! has begun!  This first week pitted many tanks drivers against one another, although the damage they have done is inflicted on the actual tank right across from it on the battlefield.  There was a bit of a controversial move this week that had forced a fight to be cancelled.  The actions of once Coal City, now Sargon, to change regions before the scheduled fight has interrupted the beginning of the contest by canceling a scheduled fight between Sargon's AMX-40 and Worknman's M26 Pershing.  While this may have been an unintentional move, the effect is that both AMX-40's tank opponent and M26 Pershing's tank opponent are left unscathed while keeping both tank drivers fresh for the first week.  It was agreed upon from both the commissioners and this contest's host that this could be construed as ducking a fight.  To insure that we have constant consistency of integrity, Sargon will be docked the minimum Damage points that could be accumulated this week, which is 4 that included the mission point.  The next infraction by anyone to change their regions after a scheduled fight of the middleweight tank drivers has been made will be docked the maximum Damage points allowable.  In other words, you can still change regions if you feel it is necessary, but only after the contest fights have been resolved and before the scheduling of the next round for the tank drivers.    


While that bit of business is done, let's check out the fights that actually happened!

Yard of Savages VS Rallyman

Black Panzer VS Tank Driver Luchini

Well, there was no dismissing the fact that Duke of Dorkdom would win this one... a KO in the 12th put this mindless zombie in a body bag. The big KO brings a big 6 point hit on Stykey's Black Panther. But not to worry, Stykey returned the favor by downing the Luchini tank driver, who lacked any commands at all, in the 8th round. This puts Duke of Dorkdom's tank down 6 points to start the contest also.  BOOM BOOM, POW POW!

M4 Sherman VS Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton

M4 Sherman said challenge accepted when the dancer master threw Salvageyard's Pea Shooter down in the 5th round when the always bumbling Salvageyard initiated an allout attack against the still stout M4 Sherman.  The KO and the win delivers a big hit on Worknman's tank, who because of the cancelled fight, couldn't return a volley of his own. 

Hrvoje Horvat VS Sharks Meteor

The towering Sharks Meteor encountered a special gift from the gods when his tank driver took on a covered up opponent.  The specialist easily defeated his opponent by decision and whacks Salvageyard's tank with a 4 point hit!

M26 Pershing VS AMX-40


Bye-Week - Big Boy Inc.


WEEK 2 Primary Mission - The war is underway!  First weeks volleys have been taken and now all sights set in on new opponents across the way!  Win this week and an extra 1 point will be added back to your tank's total HP's.  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!


September 30 2017 - The War Room Report:


Thunderous booms and the smell of expended gun powder loom across the battle field.  Metal monsters roll about the dust and debris as turrets and shells lurch from the force of the firing barrage.  Heavy hits from three tanks, Stykey, Duke of Dorkdom, and ZWIP, last week proved that war is hell!  While ZWIP escaped the week unscathed, Stykey and Duke of Dorkdom exchanged damaging fire on one another.and face this week with deficit that only one other shares, Worknman, who was hit by ZWIP. 




The first of the secondary mission upgrades is up on the blueprint table for those who are seeking their second win. In future head to head battles between the tank drivers, the winner of these bouts will also be able to blow off any upgrades that the loser has gained from the secondary missions.  Since the upgrades can only be acquired once, this will be a most devastating loss.  If more than one upgrade has been obtained it will be the choice of the winner which upgrade will be removed via Private Message.


I have personally set up on a new strategy of unleashing a small squad of fighters into the middleweights in the hopes of clearing my tank driver of higher rating fights and to hopefully do some damage to the hopes of other tank drivers... ...ok, who snickered?...   It also looks like Sharks has created a specialist in the name of Sharks Tank Buster.  New small skirmishes have kicked off in the realm of war, but let's get to the main events! 


H2H - M26 Pershing VS Abrams M1A2

In this head to head match up of tank drivers, Worknman's M26 Pershing, coming off an auspicious start of last week, faced off against the fresh and just coming off a bye-week Abrams M1A2 of Big Boy Inc.'s control. But, the Abrams had no real control at all as Worknman set his sights on a mindless drifting tank pilot and brought home a decision win to put a glancing blow on his battlefield opponent of this week, Luchini.

Yard of Savages VS Private Pea

Big Boy's battlefield opponent, Duke of Dorkdom, who gave and took major damage last week in an exchange between his tank and Stykey's, found his tank driver facing off newly created Private Pea.  In a battle that could of gone either way, Private Pea was able to climb onto the pink tank and drop a grenade down the hatch to keep Yard of Savages from delivering a blow this week against his battlefield foe.  With both Big Boy and Duke of Dorkdom miss firing this week, it keeps both unscathed, and allows Big Boy's tank to remain even unscratched in his first week of real action.   Big Boy now leads all other tanks in hit point value, but can this continue without a brain behind the Abrams M1A2?

Tank Driver Luchini VS George Hill

Luchini enters the battlefield this week with new life!  While last week, he saw his zombified tank driver lose, this week commands were given and Luchini fires home a decision win over a covered up opponent.  Luchini's battlefield opposite, Worknman, took a glancing blow with the decision win.  While both won tank drivers won, they both receive the extra 1 point hit point that lessens the damage they both took this week.  

Lord Bismarc "Galahad" Waldtein VS AMX-40

It was a bye-week for Sargon, a chance to gain an extra hit point from just a win over Lord Galahad, but the specter fighter from the past haunted Sargon's tank driver, AMX-40, and kept Sargon from gaining off the week of rest. 

Meadows St.Pain VS Sharks Meteor

The grandmaster of gigantism, Sydney Sharks, took his towering monster up against another towering opponent scraped from the cells of Alcatraz.  Sharks kept his Meteor outside Meadows St. Pain and rat-a-tatted home a decision win over the ghost of Big Dawg Boxing past.  This gave Shark's tank driver a second consecutive win and puts Armor Plating on to his tank.  This win gave his battlefield opponent, ZWIP a shot across the haul, and lessened the damage Shark's tank received from the return fire of M4 Sherman.

Tremani Stewart VS M4 Sherman

ZWIP led his M4 Sherman in a decision win over his opponent this week, giving him his second win in a row and Armor Plating to go with it!  The win with the primary mission points softens the blow he received from Shark's tank and leaves ZWIP's tank still sitting pretty with 48 hit points remaining on the board. 

Black Panzer VS Larbi

Hitting big for the second week in a row, Stykey's Black Panzer, gains an upgrade of Armor Plating while he KO's his second opponent, on track to grab a Delta Cannon from the secondary missions!  His KO this week puts a damaging hit on Salvageyard's tank... but Stykey, so far, is the big hitter!

Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton VS Dirge

Salvageyard returned the favor back to Stykey with a KO of his own, looking like only one count too long from a TKO.  Dirge wasn't recognizable at all after the onslaught the Pea Shooter gave him this week.  First victory for Salvageyard after a dismal showing in the premier week. 

WEEK 3 Primary Mission -   A tank driver loss will increase any damage taken to tank by +2 Damage Points.  Good Luck, Tank Drivers!


October 08 2017 - The War Room Report:

H2H M26 Pershing VS Tank Driver Luchini

While this head to head battle didn't mean as much as the future will entail, it did effect the board quite significantly for both Worknman and Luchini.  Worknman led M26 Pershing out in a first round knockdown brawl against Luchini's tank driver, putting down the red tank driver two times... but it just wasn't enough to keep him down.  As the fight wore on into the middle rounds, it was clear that the Pershing didn't have enough in the tank to finish and Tank Driver Luchini laid into him in the sixth round, putting Pershing out for the count.  The KO plus the loss by his battlefield opponent, Sharks, put a devastating hit on Sharks Meteor.  The armor plating on Sharks softened the blow slightly but it still did ding the tank for a 6 point damage hit!  The loss by M26 Pershing meant that Sargon's blow on the battlefield put Worknman's tank on the bottom for this week's total scores and kept Luchini's tank untouched and on the top of the board and the second win in a row puts Armor Plating on the red tank!

Rob Steel VS AMX-40

In a redemption week for Sargon, AMX-40 grabbed a decision win over a covered up opponent that gave Worknman the 5 point hit on the battlefield.  Sargon's tank remains untouched this week and holds on to 46 hit points! 

Abrams M1A2 VS George Hill

Big Boy hasn't shown up to play just yet, and the mindless tank driver losses in a sissy fight against George Hill!  While the aimless tank driver sat looking pretty after last week, Salvageyard's win this week by KO hammers a huge dent onto Abrams M1A2 that pounds a seven point deficit into Big Boy's tank.

Private Pyle VS Yard of Savages

It was a bye-week for Duke of Dorkdom and his pink tank driver, Yard of Savages, which might of been a good thing for him as he faces off against a clone of fighter from last week in Private Pyle.  In what almost looked like a deja vu of last week's, Yard of Savages fell in the first round trying to find an angle on the stronger opponent.  With no battlefield opponent, this kept Duke of Dorkdom clean of damage as he remains at 44 hit points this week.

Montgomery "Pea Shooter" Patton VS Greg Saturn

Salvageyard was able to grab another victory this week and that adds Armor Plating to his ugly duckling tank.  With this being his second KO in a row, he's looking to grab a third for the Delta Cannon!

Private Pea VS M4 Sherman

M4 Sherman escaped a hard hitting Private Pea when Private Pea went all Hannibal Lector on ZWIP's tank driver.  The bite on the ear halted the fight and ZWIP puts a third straight win on his column and is now in the hunt for the upgraded turret that will add a hit point to every victory!  The Wizard of the Midwest barely needs more advantage, but with a solid hit from his battlefield opponent, Black Panzer, this week, M4 Sherman will take any to recover for the long haul. 

Black Panzer VS Cyron Last

Delta Cannon, anyone?  Well, only the Black Panzer now sports one.  The added upgrade will only increase the blows that Stykey has dished out along the first few weeks of the contest.  The big pounding Panzer grabbed a third KO, and while he is dishing out big hits on his battlefield opponents, it only seems somewhat ironic that he is also taking the big hits as well.  But this week, was a light hit in comparison to the first two weeks, and with the addition of the barrel upgrade, Stykey has become the super power tank of the battlefield!  He is only one more victory away from increasing his hitting power again, and all will tremble before him!

Cal St.Pain VS Sharks Meteor

The loss this week against a pesky fighter out of the cells of Alcatraz leaves Sharks Meteor open to a blast from Luchini that knocks a 6 point hit Meteor, only softened by the previously gotten upgrade of armor plating!  This takes Sharks from sitting pretty at 48 to sitting among the crippled at 42. 


WEEK 4 Primary Mission -   DOUBLE DAMAGE WEEK! Good Luck, Tank Drivers!


WEEK 3 Battlefield -

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