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About Us

BigDawg Boxing is a web-based boxing manager simulation. The objective is to manage a gym full of boxers to world titles. You'll scout your opponents, develop fight plans, make strategic career decisions, and talk trash in the press. Along the way your boxers can win regional titles. As your fighters win regional and world titles you level up and earn rewards. The ultimate objective is to hold the world title belt in every division at the same time. Part of the game is socializing with managers from all over the world. Since 1999 our 68,000 registered players have managed nearly 100,000 boxers in more than 2,000,000 boxing matches.

In the News

8:43 PM



All Suspensions lifted

Any gym that has been suspended in the past is welcome to come back and play. With the game shifting to allow players based on skill level we need experienced managers to go back to using their original gym so they will not get matched with the new players and discourage them. Send a message to Zwip or myself and we can move all your current fighters into your original gym.


3:29 PM



Going back to micro-transactions

OK...I hate them and they are a hassle to implement but we're going to go back to micro-transactions and do away with the "membership" concept.

There will be no micro-transactions that will increase your chances of success, they will all simply allow you to do things faster, easier, allow you to have "more" of something or be social in nature.

World title fights will be opened up again as part of this change.

3:34 PM



Good news for rookies

Effective today, when you spar with a bot rating 3 or lower, all his abilities and his fight plan will be visible to you. This is a HUGE bonus for new players and will shorten the learning curve and level the playing field tremendously.

9:45 PM



Fight forcing

Fight forcing is now available to non-contributing members. However, forced fights will count against the limit on # of fights per division per week for non-contributing players, when enforcement of that feature kicks in.

8:41 PM



Resolved: World Title Fights History perf

The performance problem causing the World Title Fights History report to timeout has been resolved

8:02 PM



Forced fight log has been fixed

Check out the forced fight log under stats and make sure to poke fun of managers forcing and subsequently losing to bots.

5:26 PM



New boxer info

When you scout a boxer his all time P4P ranking is now available on his scouting page.

5:20 PM



Stats are now available to all

Game stats are now available to all players. We have some tuning to do as some of the reports are taking too long but that will be resolved soon.

4:20 PM



E-mailed fight reports are back!

Private fight reports are now delivered via e-mail once again. You can control delivery of these reports via the notifications setting in your gym. For now its all or nothing. Soon we'll set this up to function on a fighter by fighter basis.

3:14 PM



Sundays to be "freeview" days

Effective tomorrow Sundays will be the day where non-supporting members will have access to all game functions available to supporting members. Think of it as a weekly reminder of what you're missing out on by not being a supporter :)

This means that as a non-supporting member you have full access for 30 days after signing up and then every Sunday thereafter.

We strongly encourage you to become a supporting member. This game does require a fairly large membership base just to break even let alone pay the folks that work on it something for their time.

Becoming a supporting member also allows us to reinvest and improve the game and add new features.

Top 10 Freshman Managers

Name Region
de Tuna Projects from U.S. East
Heroic Bombadil from U.S. Midwest
Nal from U.S. Midwest
The Alamo Athletic Club from U.S. East
R4m1r0MN from Canada
TR Ace from U.S. East
Elijah.E15 from U.S. East
The Battle Yuns from U.S. East
DENIS from U.S. West
ergereerge from AustralAsia and South America